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Travel's recovery is already underway. But when it comes to crafting successful marketing, the strategies that worked before Covid-19 won't necessarily work now. In this conversation from Skift's Hospitality and Marketing Summit, we hear from Neustar's Marc Vermut, about how travel and hospitality marketers are adapting their marketing and data collection practices for this new era.

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In this video:

  • What smart marketers need to know about gathering, owning, and successfully utilizing consumer data in 2021: Exploring how the marketing data landscape is changing, as well as the most important data management strategies marketers should to use to be successful engaging customers.
  • An exploration of the technological and regulatory changes impacting advertising in 2021: How decisions about consumer privacy made by major tech platforms and government regulators are impacting marketing and data strategy in the travel industry.
  • Learning the truth about effective personalization strategies: Cutting through the hype about how to personalize marketing messages for your target customers to understand what really works.

Skift’s 2021 Hospitality and Marketing Summit offered a snapshot of the travel industry in transition. As hotels reach a pivotal midpoint in their recovery heading into a busy summer season, the event explored hospitality’s rebound and future during a jam-packed one-day session. Throughout the day, attendees learned about critical consumer trends, emerging marketing strategies, shifts in the guest experience, and much more during this important mid-point in the ongoing industry recovery.

One topic with significant interest for the hospitality sector moving forward is how to optimize marketing strategy coming out of last year’s downturn. As the consumer and business landscape shifts thanks to the pandemic, and new regulations impact how companies collect and use consumers’ personal data, many travel industry marketers are rethinking their approach. In this conversation we hear from Marc Vermut, VP of The Knowledge Lab at Neustar, about how to successfully manage and deploy customer data to create smarter hospitality marketing strategies that help accelerate recovery.

This content was created collaboratively by Neustar and Skift’s branded content studio SkiftX.

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