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Will Airbnb continue on its magic carpet ride after it reports its first earnings as a public company? Does the Airbnb brand beat Booking Holdings' real-world businesses, including hotels, flights and metasearch? Or has the market already decided that question?

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Dennis' Online Travel Briefing

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Online Travel This Week Talk to any travel industry wag about Airbnb's gargantuan — yes, record-setting — initial public offering and its current $110 billion valuation, and the conversation quickly turns to Airbnb's first earnings announcement as a public company this week, and what will happen then? Does Airbnb's market cap finally come down to a realistic level after Thursday night's earning's announcement, or will it soar anew? Ah, I won't make a prediction. It would be a foolhardy to do so without knowing what financials Airbnb will actually be reporting. I will leave that to the options players and hedge funds managers. FactSet reports that analysts expect a loss of $8.41 per share, and $739.4 million in revenue, according to MarketWatch. If fourth quarter revenue indeed comes in at that amount, it would mean about a 30 percent revenue decline for the year, which would be very po