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In conavirus-related travel stories this week, Skift looked at Las Vegas' chances without conventions, Google's new advertising product, inroads by private jet operators, and a hole in the travel industry's coronavirus sanitation response.

Throughout the week we are posting original stories night and day covering the impact of coronavirus by connecting the dots across the travel industry. Every weekend we will offer you a chance to read the most essential stories again in case you missed them earlier.


Will Las Vegas Resorts Survive a Year of No Conventions?: Can the show go on in Sin City while so many events and conventions can’t? Sure — if you have a few billion in the bank to tide your resorts over for a year.

Google Quietly Debuts Game-Changing Tours and Activities Advertising Product: While many travel companies are struggling to survive, Google has the resources to keep innovating and rolling out new products despite the travel advertising downturn. As with flights and hotels, Google’s new tours and activities advertising business will have a far-reaching impact — unless regulators step in.

Private Jet Operators Are Stealing Passengers from U.S. Airlines: Private jet operators did not do well in the Great Recession. When March hit, they figured they were stuck in another disaster. But things have turned out better than expected.

Google Cut Off an Online Travel Company and Sent In the Bill Collectors: With parent company Alphabet generating $79 billion in revenue in the first half of 2020, Google is relentlessly rolling out new travel products. Not to mention, it is dictating content-licensing and advertising terms to cash-strapped partners while a pandemic rages. Enough said.

Why Being Grounded for Months Was the Best Pandemic Outcome for This Airline: . airlines are flying all they can and selling cheap fares to fill planes. Copa was required by its government to do the opposite. It effectively stopped flying for months. It lost a lot of money in the second quarter, but perhaps not as much as you might think.

The Travel Industry Needs to Talk About Ventilation in Coronavirus Fight: An overwhelming consensus has emerged that Covid-19 doesn’t spread as easily outdoors or in well-ventilated areas. So why doesn’t the travel industry emphasize that more?
Can Scotland Create a Regional Travel Tech Hub for a Post-Coronavirus World?: Countries lack a playbook in coping with the pandemic’s effect on tourism, but Scotland is one to watch when it comes to its new effort to boost its travel tech sector.

Japan’s Top Messaging App Has a Pandemic-Mindful Strategy for Domestic Tourism: Take a look at how Japan’s most popular messaging app has approached travel marketing during the pandemic. It’s a glance at how superapps might define the future of travel in Asia.

The Rest of Europe Pulls Away From London in Modest Tourism Comeback: No place in Europe is having a great tourism season, but London is faring particularly bad. Luxury retailers are feeling the pinch.

Airports Push for New Contactless Tech and Automation as Budgets Shrink: The airport sector needs to invest in contactless tech and automation through the challenges. A recent product contest with vendors and a new accreditation program may help airports make progress.

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