The 2019 Skift Global Forum brought together some of the travel industry’s top executives for a series of thought-provoking conversations about the future of travel around the world.

Two key themes at this year’s event were hotel merchandising and distribution. One interesting topic within these themes was about the potential for “attribute-based selling,” a strategy focusing on how hotels can rethink their distribution by breaking down properties into detailed characteristics about the customer experience.
Proponents of the attribute-based selling approach believe it has several benefits. For one, it gives more control and confidence to hotel customers, allowing them to book a room in a property that best matches their travel purpose. In addition, by better matching customer needs with property amenities, it can also offer hotel owners a substantial revenue upside.

In this conversation between Bruno Chauvat, co-founder & CEO of Travelsify, and Jeremy Kressmann, research editor for SkiftX, we learn more about the promising future of the attribute-based selling model in the hotel industry.

Watch the video above to see the full discussion.