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Over the last six years, Skift's Forums have become what media, speakers, and attendees have called the "TED talks of travel."

Skift Global Forum is the premier travel conference focused on the top marketers, strategists, and technologists in the industry — the people creating and defining the future of travel. Skift carefully curates topics and speakers for this two day conference in order to inspire our fellow professionals in travel about the business and creative potential of world’s largest industry.

All talks are moderated by members of Skift’s executive and editorial teams. The team onsite will be posting updates throughout the day.

Follow below to learn more about what’s happening before, during, and after the event.

Speakers Full Schedule

Skift Global Forum 2019 Recap: Why Travel Brands Should Tap Into This New Personalization Technique

Skift Global Forum 2019: How Mastercard Is Rethinking Loyalty and Innovating with Big Data

Skift Global Forum 2019: How Travel Leaders are Rethinking Customer Experience

Skift Global Forum 2019: How American Express Is Improving Customer Experience with a Focus on Meaningful Moments

Skift Global Forum 2019: How Accenture and Marriott Are Supercharging the Guest Experience by Empowering Employees

Skift Global Forum Video: Beyond Automation – Understanding AI’s True Power in Travel Marketing

Skift Global Forum Video: How Attribute-Based Selling Works for Hotels

Skift Global Forum Video: Responsible Travel Marketing in the Era of Data, Privacy, and the Always-On Consumer

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The Greening of Travel: Read the New Magazine

Everyone Has a Role to Play in Responsible Tourism, Say Adventure Travel Veterans

Travel’s Green Revolution Remains a Work in Progress

New Owner Airbnb Will Not Dilute the HotelTonight Brand, CEO of Booking App Says

Futurist Tobaccowala Warns Travel Marketers to Not Be Too Data-Driven

Amtrak CEO Sees Short-Haul Flight Hassles as Fuel for the Railway’s Turnaround

Hospitality’s Duty Is to Serve Guests — and Humanity, Says Saira Hospitality CEO

Air France-KLM CEO Opens Up on Turnaround Efforts Amid Legacy Woes

Marriott Continues to Bang the Bonvoy Drum Ahead of Planned Brand Expansion

Expedia CEO Is Unfazed by Airbnb’s Growing Vacation Rental Lead

Booking Holdings Reaffirms Plan to Charge Commissions on Hotel Resort Fees

American Airlines Vows to Rebound After Brutal Summer, Says CFO

TripAdvisor CEO Welcomes More Pressure on the Travel Industry to Develop Green Practices

Avis Tackles Urban Congestion By Teaming Up With Ridehailing Rivals

Inspirato CEO Predicts Subscription Model Will Spur Followers in Luxury Travel

Costa Rica Matures From Ecotourism Pioneer to Industry Leader

Away’s Prudent Rise to Become the World’s Hippest Luggage Brand

State of the U.S. Economy Isn’t a Worry So Far for Hilton CEO

Why Accessibility Is the Hotel Industry’s Most Overlooked Asset

Technology, Not Economics, Is Keeping Delta Air Lines From Offering Free Wi-Fi

How Carnival Grapples With Cruise Overtourism and Sustainability

Announcing the Winners of Skift Design Awards 2019

Skift Global Forum Preview: Vacasa Dominates Vacation Rentals With Acquisitions and Digital Tech

Skift Global Forum Preview: Inspirato Pass Offers a Discounted Luxury Ticket Around the World

5 Ways to Network at Skift Global Forum 2019

Skift Global Forum Preview: CEO Wants to Build a Rival to Expedia

Skift Global Forum Preview: Why Airbnb Turned to HotelTonight for Its Data Savvy

Skift Global Forum Preview: Expedia CEO Plays the Long Game in Short-Term Rentals

Start Networking With the Updated Skift Global Forum App

Skift Global Forum Preview: Amtrak CEO Wants to Bring Airline Nimbleness to the Rails

Ian Schrager and Debbie Millman Join Skift Design Awards Event

Skift Global Forum Preview: Marriott’s Loyalty Program Key to Competing With Airbnb and All-Inclusive Players

Skift Global Forum Preview: How Costa Rica Is Staying Ahead of the Pack on Sustainability

Skift Global Forum Preview: American Airlines Is No Longer in Survival Mode

Top 5 Reasons to Attend Skift Global Forum 2019

Skift Global Forum Preview: How the Faroe Islands Got the Tourism World’s Attention

Learn More at Skift Global Forum Breakout Sessions

Skift Global Forum: What to Expect for 2019

Skift Global Forum Preview: Carnival CEO Arnold Donald Says Sustainability Is ‘Job One’

Meet the Finalists for the 2019 Skift Design Awards

Skift Global Forum Preview: Booking CEO Glenn Fogel Sees Cryptocurrency Potential

Skift Global Forum Opening Night: Join Us at the Mandarin Oriental

Skift Global Forum Preview: Avis Tackles Digital Innovation Through Partnerships

Skift Global Forum Preview: Canyon Ranch Holds Fast to Wellness Mission

Skift Global Forum Preview: Saira Teaches Luxury Hospitality Skills for the Real World

Your Chance to Win All-Access Passes to Skift Global Forum

Skift Global Forum Preview: Air France-KLM CEO Ben Smith Reveals How He’s Winning Over Labor

What to Expect at Skift Global Forum 2019

Skift Global Forum Preview: Away’s Jen Rubio Created Cult Luggage by Creating a Community

Skift Global Forum Preview: Delta CEO on Responsibility to Manage Footprints We Leave Behind

Discounted Group Rates Now Available for Skift Global Forum 2019

Skift Global Forum Preview: True Innovation in Hotel Accessibility Hasn’t Arrived Yet

Skift Global Forum Preview: Publicis Exec Tobaccowala Says Human Connection More Important Than Ever

Skift Global Forum Preview: Cayuga Integrates Luxury and Sustainability in Central American Indie Hotels

Skift Global Forum Preview: Hilton’s Tech Innovations Drive Brand Growth

Delta, Hilton and Expedia CEOs: First Look at Skift Global Forum 2019

Startup Rates Now Available for Skift Global Forum 2019

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Looking Ahead to September: Skift Global Forum and Design Awards

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Skift Forums: Looking Ahead To 2019

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