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As travel CMOs and their teams take on more responsibilities, a well-designed and articulated operations plan is crucial for delivering marketing success. Use this series of Skift Research reports to see how you stack up against other companies in your sector in key operational areas and set up strategies to optimize.

Marketing operations has emerged as an important discipline in the past few years. With marketing getting ever more complex, marketing operations often assume responsibility for managing channel and campaign processes and performance evaluation, selecting and managing technology partners, planning budget, and coordinating inter- and cross-team communications.

Yet core questions remain: Should there be a separate marketing operations specialist or team? What are the accountabilities and decision-making powers of the marketing operations function? In addition, there are broader operational questions on key aspects that are crucial to success, including how marketing teams should be structured, what functions should report into marketing, and how budgets should be set.

Skift Research’s latest report, Marketing Operations in the Travel Industry Benchmarks: Tours and Activities, is the third of a series of B2B insight reports to help address these topics. In this report, we present the survey results of 51 global tours and activities companies to help senior marketing executives benchmark their operations practices against the industry and set up strategies for optimization.

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What You’ll Learn From This Report

  • 2019 marketing priorities for tours and activities companies
  • Prevalence of dedicated marketing operations functions in tours and activities companies
  • Responsibilities and effectiveness of marketing operations functions in tours and activities companies
  • How travel activity marketing teams are structured and the effectiveness of each structure
  • Ideal marketing team structures in delivering marketing success
  • Functions that report into marketing in tours and activities companies
  • How travel activity companies set up marketing budgets and the effectiveness of each budgeting approach
  • How tours and activities companies that are more profitable than peers stand out in key marketing operations areas

If you missed the first two reports in the series, click here for Benchmarks for Hotels and click here for Benchmarks for Destinations.

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