New Skift Monthly Series: Voices From the Front Lines of Travel

If hospitality is what travel businesses are built on, how hospitable do the front line employees feel about their work? In this new series we reveal just that.

Adventure.com Failed But What Did It Do Right and Wrong?

Adventure.com gambled on charging a 20 percent fee to guides, which was considerably higher than the going rate. Unanswered is whether the peer to peer concept in tours and activities really is viable on a large-scale basis.

Tour Platform Zozi Offered to Acquire Zerve for $6 Million After Shutdown Announcement

Zerve investors obviously determined that any acquisition offers that emerged weren't in their best interests but at least now it's certain that there was at least one concrete buyout offer, if not others, out there.

Tours Land Grab Under Way as FareHarbor Gives Temporary Lifeline to Zerve

It is a war zone in tours and activities this week as all of the platform players are scrambling to pick up the pieces of Zerve.

Beyond TripAdvisor Hotel Bookings: Its Tours and Restaurants on Track to Become $500 Million Business

Don't miss the forest for the trees: TripAdvisor is evolving into a well-rounded travel planning AND booking site. If hotel bookings on TripAdvisor eventually fall short of expectations it would be a big blow, but then tours and activities, restaurant reservations, vacation rentals, hotel metasearch and reviews can all play a role in taking up some of the slack.

Google’s New Travel App Is a Mashup of Guidebook and TripIt

As with anything Google does, you can expect Google Trips to be very much a work in progress that goes through numerous iterations before it becomes available to the public. But its beta release expands Google's footprint in the travel ecosystem especially since so many consumers begin their trip planning in the search engine and explore destinations with the Maps app.

Google Is Planning on Launching a Travel Assistant App

Google tends to favor digital products over human-facing services but it's possible that a new "travel assistant app" could blend the two. Then again, they've tried this before.

Airbnb Repositions Around ‘Live There,’ Moves Beyond Stays to Experiences

Just as Airbnb has had a transformative impact on the home sharing and vacation rental business, it hopes to do the same by going beyond just offering stays into offering actual travel activities and experiences to its community. It'll be very interesting to see how they do it.

TripAdvisor Adds Tours and Activities to Its Suite of Instant Booking Options

TripAdvisor believes tours and activities will be its next billion-dollar revenue business and it is upgrading its platform to enable consumers to book tours on the TripAdvisor desktop and apps. It's all about revenue and making TripAdvisor a stickier site to book everything on the planet. Flights anyone?

Locals Are an Untapped Market for Tours and Activities Companies

Taking advantage of locals to improve the frequency of use for travel services is simply smart. Why more companies don't do this is beyond us.