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Food tourism is one trend that we don’t see ever going away, but it will never stop evolving. Destinations and other stakeholders need to understand what it means today in order to reap the benefits food tourists can bring.

Food tourism has been a buzzy trend in the travel industry in recent years. It can appeal to a wide array of travelers and can give various travel sectors a much needed financial boost. Despite this, the conversation around food tourism has yet to evolve since it first started years ago, and confusion still exists about what food tourism really is.

In Skift Research’s latest report, The New Era of Food Tourism: Trends and Best Practices for Stakeholders, we focus on addressing this confusion and updating the topic. We do this by addressing some big questions: How big and important is the food tourism market? What are the new trends related to food tourism? Who should be be involved in and benefit from food tourism? What are the best practices for various stakeholders? Drawing from a proprietary consumer survey and a number of in-depth interviews with stakeholders, this report defines the new era of food tourism.

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What You’ll Learn From This Report

  • What food tourism means and how it has evolved over time
  • Who the stakeholders are in food tourism
  • A comprehensive look at who food tourists are today, how they behave, and what they prefer
  • Skift Research estimates for food and beverage expenditure by U.S. travelers
  • Size of U.S. food tourist population
  • The kinds of food and beverage based activities food tourists are most likely to participate in
  • The percentage of food tourists who have taken a vacation with a food and beverage experience as the main purpose for the trip
  • A five-part breakdown of the new definition of food tourism
  • 10 best practices for food tourism stakeholders today

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