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Skift is hopping back on the Black Friday bandwagon, and we want our most loyal Skift readers to be the first to know that in 2018 we will be increasing the prices for a Research Annual Subscription and Individual Report Purchases. Act now to save $300 on an annual subscription while you still can.


Skift Research Subscription is a must-have intelligence platform for travel industry professionals. In 2017 we have launched 4 new products exclusively for Research Subscribers and in 2018 we will *not* stop this momentum. As part of an annual subscription you gain access to:

  • Our library of almost 100 research reports: twice-monthly reports written by our world-class travel industry research team, featuring deep actionable insights into the trends defining the future of travel.
  • Premium analyst sessions: Monthly audiocasts available to subscribers only. In each session our analysts review our most popular reports and give even more insights and editorial perspective.
  • Premium data sheets: Downloadable data, charts and graphs on travel markets, consumers, companies and trends. The sheets are fully editable and can be filtered to one’s preference.
  • Early access to Skift daily stories: Subscribers get exclusive access to original daily Skift stories, from news and analysis to editorial features, Skift research subscribers are granted the ability to get a day ahead.
  • News alerts through Skift Travel News App: Allows Skift Research members to access our library of almost 100 research reports, early access to Skift daily editorial stories, and monthly analyst sessions and data sheets.


P.S. The price to purchase an individual research report will be increasing too. If you buy at least 3 research reports per year — and how could you not? — then you should buy an annual subscription now. You’ll get access to 20+ new reports plus everything listed above for the same price!

This January pricing will increase to $2,095 per year for a Skift Research subscription. So put your year-end budget to good use and save $300 now — That’s 15% OFF. 

Still not convinced? Check out our 2018 Skift Research Canvas now to get a sneak peek of what’s in store for next year!

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