It is almost 2018 and we’re insanely excited launching a mobile app! Hear us out.

We’ve avoided the mobile app trap for the past five years because we didn’t want to do a news app just to do a news app with all of our stories, something you can easily do on the mobile web as well.

But we’ve now built out more and more features for our Skift Research subscribers over the last year. This includes our library of almost 100 research reports now, early access to Skift daily stories for the subscribers, monthly analyst sessions and data sheets, with more features and services to come. With this app, all of these services now come together in a handy app, with the added benefit of notifications for all of these as they get added in and offline saving and reading, a huge benefit for paid subscribers to our services.

That’s why we are very happy to announce today the launch of our subscriber-first Skift – Travel News & Research app, version 1.0. It’s available now in Apple’s new App Store and in the Android Play store.

Anyone can download and free users will get free access to Skift daily stories, though only from the last day.

All users

Daily News: Original stories from Skift’s editors, reporters, and correspondents, only the last 24 hours of stories.

FOR Research Subscribers

Research Reports: Twice monthly reports written by Skift’s world-class research team. Download reports to your mobile device to read offline.

Data Sheets: Downloadable data, charts, and gures on travel markets, consumers, companies and trends. The sheets are fully editable and can be altered to one’s preference.

Analyst Sessions: Monthly audiocasts for subscribers only. In each session our analyst review our most popular reports and give even more insights and editorial perspective.

Early Access: Subscribers get exclusive access to original daily stories, whether news or analysis or enterprise features, available hours before non-subscribers. Get notifications on when these stories are available to subscribers.

Unlimited Daily News: Original stories from Skift’s editors, reporters, and correspondents, unlimited access to *all* the archives of daily stories.

News alerts: Get notified of major developing stories through notifications.

The app is optimized for iOS and Android smartphone devices in this first version, with plans to offer a table-friendly version for iOS devices in the future.

Learn more about Individual, Professional, and Enterprise Skift Research subscriptions from our Research specialists.

The New Skift Travel App in 1 Minute

Download from Apple App Store

Download from Google Play Store

Photo Credit: The Skift Travel app features Research Reports (subscribers only), news, alerts, and more for iOS and Android smartphones. Skift