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Tune in to hear how the experts put on big, non-boring events — and how they think social media is changing attendees' experiences.

Conference organizers everywhere would probably like the secrets to hosting a buzzworthy event like South by Southwest or Bonnaroo.

Our guests Mike Shea and Rich Goodstone aren’t giving everything away, but they were willing to share some insight during the Skift Global Forum earlier this year.

Shea, chief logistics officer and partner at South by Southwest, and Goodstone, co-founder of Superfly, the production company behind Bonnaroo, spoke at the forum about using data for personalization, integrating technology and the effect of big events on a destination.

And they joined us backstage in the Skift Take Studio to talk about bringing fun to events that could be boring, the way attendee behavior is changing, and why selfies are getting in the way of experiences.

Shea and Goodstone spoke to editor and podcast host Hannah Sampson.


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This mini-episode is one of several conversations we’re bringing you from backstage at the Skift Global Forum. The Skift Take Studio series is presented by Mastercard, a payments technology company that is enabling loyalty, security and data solutions for the global travel industry.

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