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Dialing into the reasons why people travel is a smart way to tell a convincing brand story.

Saving money to spend more on a trip, considering a lesser-known destination or dreaming about the wonders of a foreign land that is familiar but unique are travel impulses that many people experience. Southwest Airlines, Discover Claremont, and New Zealand Tourism tapped into these sentiments.

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Southwest Airlines

School reunions are milestone life events that some people may not look forward to. But Southwest Airlines, in its summer fare sale, made it look and feel good to save money on such trips with a confident and skinny brunette strutting her stuff in a high school gym.

Discover Claremont

Discover Claremont hopes director Wes Anderson’s symmetrical film-making style will attract would-be visitors. Claremont is part of Greater Los Angeles, an area known for its film industry. Discover Claremont is trying to draw nearby residents — who may have a strong affinity with Anderson’s films — to discover something slightly different but close by with or without a film permit.

New Zealand Tourism

New Zealand is a faraway place that captures the imagination of people who are seeking epic experiences. This tourism board seamlessly tied activities at various points of interest from Middle Earth in Hamilton-Waikato to Maori Rock Carvings in Mine Bay to conjure wanderlust.

Photo Credit: Video still from, "Welcome to Claremont, California." Discover Claremont