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James Cameron Is New Zealand’s Latest Tourism Ambassador

James Cameron is the latest A-list celebrity to be hired for a major tourism campaign, and this one actually seems like a decent fit.

3 months ago

New Zealand Looks to Golf Tourism to Boost Foreign Visitation

Even to a non golfer, those rolling green hills are attractive. And its smart for NZ to diversify its activities.

8 months ago

Tourism Isn’t Yet the Perfect Replacement for Shrinking Dairy Business

Tourism can solve some problems, but others need a more complicated approach to economic support.

9 months ago

Tourist Bungee Jumping Provides Bright Spot in New Zealand’s Economy

Tourists are more fickle then milk, so New Zealand needs to make sure its solutions are more diverse than tying a few extra bungee cords to bridges.

11 months ago

Expats Make Some Destinations Rethink How They Define a Traveler

Some destinations have worked to attract expats for decades and already reap the praise and rewards for doing so.

1 year ago

Declining Milk Prices Are Good News for New Zealand Tourism

Bad news for outbound tourism, but great news for providing the extra boost to get visitors to embrace the long journey.

1 year ago

Best Travel Ads This Week: Brands Put Themselves in Travelers’ Shoes

Truly identifying with travelers as a traveler -- not as a marketer who is thinking like a traveler -- helps viewers relate better to the brand message.

1 year ago

Auckland’s Mayor Uses Snapchat to Entice Visitors to New Zealand

Snapchat has expanded its Our Story to cities outside of users' locale to feature nearby happenings, but it needs to be much less random as it grows into a real product rather than a series of experiments.

1 year ago

China Will Overtake Australia as New Zealand’s Biggest Tourist Spenders

Although Chinese tourists have increased, New Zealand is only scraping the surface of this tourism influx.

1 year ago

Interview: Tourism New Zealand CEO on Smarter Digital Marketing

New Zealand knows its niche as an outdoors and adventure destination and plays that specific card only to the travelers that have already show interest in similar activities. Playing any other angle is a waste of time for the distant destination.

2 years ago

How Many ‘Likes’ Equals an Actual Visitor to a Destination?

Social media has been the darling of destination marketing for the last five years, but you may be surprised how those impressive Facebook and Twitter numbers translate to actual visitors.

2 years ago

5 Travel Brands Winning on Social Media for the Week Ending July 18, 2014

Amplify brand awareness with new initiatives, collaborations, and contests.

2 years ago