Interview: Visit California CEO on the Rise of Food Tourism Video

Visit California's video content strategy around food tourism incorporates multiple channels targeting different guest profiles.

Lyft Has a Multi-Million Dollar Labor Issue That Uber Would Understand

Lyft sought to settle its legal issues with drivers by paying each one in California an average of $53, and that was an amount that the judge found to be grossly insufficient.

Los Angeles’ Wage Hike Has Not Been the Disaster Hotels Feared

This is only a small test of what could happen, but it's a promising sign for many hospitality workers.

The Future of Lyft’s Peace Pact with Drivers Depends on a Judge’s Decision

The outcome of Lyft's settlement with California drivers could have serious implications for how sharing economy companies treat their employees.

SeaWorld Says California Agency Wrong to Ban Killer Whales Breeding

SeaWorld hasn't had a banner year and it's clear the world doesn't want to see more whales suffer. People want the whales already in captivity to enjoy more freedom, if that's possible in a tank.

The Strategy Behind Los Angeles Tourism’s New Meeting Planner Site

At last, a U.S. tourism bureau has developed its digital meetings content and user interface on par with the best leisure content/UI available out there.

Las Vegas to Southern California Train Leaps Small Hurdles

We support anything that promises to make California's constant nightmare-traffic less miserable.

Extreme Weather in California Brings Early Ski Season

Global climate change is bringing with it uncertainty at the extremes, whether it be arctic tours or ski vacations.

The U.S. States Seeing Largest Increases to Their Tourism Budgets

The most visited states such as Florida, California, and New York still have the largest budgets but some of the states seeing their budgets receive the highest percent increases aren't iconic American destinations.

Uber Driver Is an Employee Rules California Agency in Blow to On-Demand Economy

While drivers have a level of freedom that they may not have in most employee-employer relationship, Uber has much more power over their livelihoods than any traditional freelance role would allow.