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Southwest’s Tentative Deal With Pilots May Be in Jeopardy

Airline pilots have not had this much leverage in a long time, and it seems they want to use it. This is fine as long as carriers keep reporting massive profits. But if the industry suffers another downturn, airlines are going to have a tough time paying pilots so much money.

3 weeks ago

Southwest Expects to Take its First Boeing 737 Max Ahead of Schedule

The Boeing 737 Max is so ahead of schedule that Southwest isn't yet sure how soon it will be able to place its first 10 aircraft in service. For an airline, that's a good problem to have. Many planes are delivered late by manufacturers.

4 weeks ago

Southwest Airlines Adds Standby Perks for Elite Frequent Flyers

Southwest just made traveling standby easier for elite members of its Rapid Rewards Program. Perhaps there is a good reason to fly that carrier for business travel.

1 month ago

3 Airline CEOs Defend the Complexity of the Industry’s Technology Systems

There's a bit of blaming the victim (the consumer) in these words. Few in the airline industry think carriers have solved their technology woes, so passengers can expect intermittent outages to continue for the foreseeable future.

1 month ago

U.S. Government Fines Airlines for Not Disclosing Bumping Compensation

Airlines prefer to keep the compensation rules murky. It helps them wheel and deal at the departure gate when necessary.

2 months ago

Amid Labor-Management Discord, Southwest’s Chief Negotiator will Retire

Give the acrimonious relations between Southwest and its unions, an executive probably had to go. Randy Babbitt is 70 year old and led labor relations, so his departure makes sense.

2 months ago

Southwest and JetBlue Loyalty Plans Are Best for Free Domestic Tickets Says Study

Southwest and JetBlue might have the cheapest redemptions, but savvy frequent flyers generally still find more value in programs offered by American, Delta, and United.

2 months ago

Southwest Wants to Start Working With More International Airlines

It makes sense that Southwest is finally realizing what other airlines have known for years — partnering with international airlines makes good business sense.

2 months ago

Two U.S. Senators Want to Know Why Airline IT Fails so Often

This letter should get Sens. Markey and Blumenthal some attention. But beyond that, it is not likely to have much of an influence on the nation's airlines.

2 months ago

Why Wall Street Isn’t Happy With Southwest’s 43 Straight Years of Profits

Southwest has made money for more than 40 years. But that consistency does not satisfy many Wall Street analysts, who keep pushing the airline to increase profits.

2 months ago

Delta’s Hardline Stance Limits its Ability to Rebook Passengers on Rival Airlines

A good operational meltdown like Delta's should make travelers nostalgic for the good old days, when carriers regularly cooperated to help each other's passengers.

2 months ago

Inconvenienced Delta and Southwest Flyers Will Return Because of Industry Structure

Passengers might be cursing Southwest and Delta now, but they'll be back. As four airlines own the vast majority of U.S. market share, travelers have few alternatives.

2 months ago