An Outdoor Lock Box for Device-Obsessed Travelers

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Hotels are on the hunt for additional revenue generators, but ones that improve guests’ experience bring in more profit while boosting the hotel’s reputation.

— Samantha Shankman

Hotels can rent out the AquaVault to guests to earn extra revenue and reduce theft.

The boxes are built to fit several devices as well as wallets, keys and sunglasses.

High-end beach resorts along the Florida or California coast offer guests seaside drink service and massages, but none have helped guests solve the problem of where to securely hide their smartphones, tablets or keys when they take a swim or a walk.

With more than 85 percent of travelers taking a device with them on the vacation, safety concerns — whether at a hotel, on a cruise ship, or at theme park — become all the more common.

AquaVault aims to fix that problem by providing hotels, cruise ships and theme parks with a solution that boosts their revenues and improves their customers’ experience.

The small outdoor box locks users’ devices, wallets and keys around a beach lounge chair, stroller, or golf cart. Opening the box to take out a device or removing it from a chair requires a code chosen by each new user.

Aquavault is currently in talks with hotels in South Florida, California, Vegas and the south of France as well as major cruise lines and theme parks. And the product is already in use at the Hilton San Diego Resort and Rapids Water Park.

Hotels purchase the AquaVault and then rent it out to guests on a daily rate ranging between $5 and $10. Guests can also purchase the units directly from hotels for $39.95.

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