Workers at Miami International Airport Call Out Unsafe Working Conditions

Airports across the U.S. are creating massive security risks by screwing over employees with low wages, poor benefits, and other key elements of the contract worker economy.

Most of Airbnb’s Miami Revenue Is From Commercial Hosts New Study Suggests

Regardless of whether or not you believe the numbers from the American Hotel & Lodging Association or those from Airbnb, Miami's short-term rental situation demonstrates a clear need for better legislation and/or better enforcement to address short-term rentals.

Brazil’s Economic Woes Are Hurting Miami’s Hotel Market

More high-end hotels opened and room rates shot up in recent years as Miami positioned itself as a luxury destination. Now operators have to figure out how to fill those rooms as visitors balk at paying top prices.

Anniversary of Miami’s Delano Marks 20 Years of Boutique Hotels

When it opened 20 years ago, Delano quickly showed the hospitality industry how modern design and a busy lobby socializing scene translated into higher occupancy and rate.

Florida’s Record Tourism Numbers Putting Strain on Airports and Cruise Ports

This is a great problem for a destination to have, and Florida — with its understanding of the real impact of tourism — should be in a position to handle it.

Interview: Miami Tourism CEO Explains the Essence of Destination Branding

Miami's neighborhood video series illustrates best practices in digital destination content delivery and overall branding development to define the essence of place.

Brazil’s Fasano Hotel Brand’s First Stop in the U.S. Is Miami Beach

Well of course. We've stayed in a Fasano property in Rio which we've always described to friends as "like Miami Beach, but a bit nicer."

Miami Airport Is on Track to Set a New Passenger Traffic Record

Good news for Miami as it seeks to diversify its visitor base.

Miami’s Condo-Backed New Hotel Developments Derailed By Strong Dollar

Most of Miami's new hotel developments have been made possible because they're co-built with condo units. As the number of free-spending Russians and South Americans dwindles, they'll need to think up a Plan B.