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Florida Faces Tourism Challenge as Hurricane Matthew Devastated Sand Dunes

From a tourism perspective regarding Hurricane Matthew, Florida escaped a worst-case scenario but damage to some of its beaches will be costly to fix.

2 weeks ago

Nudists Lose 7-Year Battle for Access to Spanish Tourist Beach

From its beaches to its urban centers, Spain is the modern test case for tourism growth and development.

5 months ago

Diving Tourists Faced With Bleached Reefs at Maui’s Molokini Crater

What's the first tourist destination that will be totally ruined by global climate change? Our money is on the Maldives.

1 year ago

Daytona, Florida’s Homeless Problem Extending to Its Tourist Beaches

Tourism can't be separated from larger challenges in society, no matter how pretty the scenery.

1 year ago

No-Smoking Beaches Get Edge for ‘Best’ List in 2016

Dr. Beach may have some tolerance for a rip current here and there but he has zero tolerance for cigarette butts and his 2016 best beaches list will reflect his new-found priority. We like his thinking.

1 year ago

Caribbean Beaches Covered in Growing Piles of Rotting Seaweed

If only global climate change wasn't a liberal conspiracy we may have an answer to the cause behind this ...

1 year ago

North Korea Pins Latest Tourism Hopes on Becoming a Surfing Hot Spot

Something tells us Kim Jong-un is highly proficient at harshing the mellow of even the most chill of surfers.

1 year ago

Hawaiian Town Deals With Downside of Dr. Beach’s Number 1 Ranking

You can't have booming tourism and a small-town feel without something breaking.

1 year ago

California Oil Spill Closes 2 Beaches for Memorial Day Visitors

Santa Barbara, California tourism officials are emphasizing that damage from the oil spill is limited to the areas around two state-owned beaches, although the adverse publicity is likely to dissuade a lot of Memorial Day visitors to stay away from a broader swath of the area.

1 year ago

America’s Favorite Beach Expert Releases His Annual Best of List

It's surprising that more people haven't moved in to take on Dr. Beach and his relatively data-driven approach to better beaches.

1 year ago

A Delaware Beach Denies Expansion Plans for Its Biggest Visitor Attraction

We're not fans of massive development here, but we are fans of homegrown attractions. Dogfish's growth is a success story that's only made Rehoboth look better over the years and drive visits that would otherwise never consider it.

1 year ago

Cuba’s Tourism Gain Will Be Puerto Rico’s Loss Says Analyst

Perhaps this will force Puerto Rico to improve its offerings?

2 years ago