Southern Georgia Reminds Tourists: We Have Lots of Alligators

When tourism growth meets hungry alligators, it's a good idea to put up a few warning signs.

Airline Groups Seek Crackdown on ‘Rogue’ Lithium Battery Shipments

Governments need to crack down on unsafe shipments of rechargeable lithium batteries because leaving it all up to the airlines, which don't want to publicize any safety lapses, will accomplish nothing.

FAA Finds ‘Minor’ Safety Lapses in Multiple Areas at Allegiant Air

The FAA didn't find Allegiant's safety lapses as to be so extensive as to warrant enforcement action. On the other hand, there is cause for concern because deficiencies were found in several areas of the airline's operations.

Missing MH370 Flight Spurred Airline Tracking And Safety Changes

Everything is moving so slowly around the disappearance of flight MH370, including the implementation of safety reforms and the search for the missing plane.

Former U.S. Attorney General Is Lobbying on Behalf of Uber Against Safety Checks

Uber's hiring of political heavyweights to staff its policy team appears to be paying dividends.

Yellowstone Rangers to Tourists: Carry Some Bear Spray

We will argue that "A bear doesn't care" is one of the cooler tourism slogans we've seen all year.

There’s a Safety Gap Separating Female and Male Business Travelers

Better technology tools from travel management companies can help put female travelers into safer situations on the road.

Air Travel Is Getting Safer, Despite High-Profile Disasters

Aircraft makers and airlines may have made their product safer than ever, but humans on the ground are screwing things up with a regularity that's disturbing.

One of Brazil’s Best Athletes Is Telling Tourists to Skip the Olympics

It seems a bit extreme to try to scare everyone away, but this year's Olympic games so far are becoming the worst-case-scenario that 2014's World Cup was able to avoid.

Allegiant’s Image Problems Continue as FAA Begins Review

Allegiant Air is another low-cost carrier struggling to build a positive image in the U.S.