Resort Fees Are on the Rise and Consumers Aren’t Happy

Most hotels charging a resort fee are angering their guests because the hotel either doesn't know how to communicate the value or there is no value there to begin with.

Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville Resort Opens in South Florida

We're pretty sure this is a match made in Florida heaven.

New Pot-Friendly Colorado Resort Puts the ‘Dude’ in Dude Ranch

All we'll say is that the canteen better be open late and it better serve Taco Bell.

Behind the Rise of All-Inclusive Travel in the Americas

Spurred by economic factors and shifting guest expectations, the all-inclusive resort segment is rapidly expanding with more luxury product, local travel experiences, and age-delineated services targeting a wider range of international consumer demographics. Download this report for FREE!

Turks and Caicos Targets Luxury Travelers with New $224 Million Resort

Large-scale projects such as this gives destinations the opportunity to spread news and get their name in front of potential visitors from a different angle.

Ski Resorts Shift Marketing to Attract Families, Novice Athletes

These ski resorts' images have shifted, putting them in the position of meeting guests' and athletes' product expectations.

Tug of War Over Club Med Continues As Chinese Firm Outbids Italian Rival

The high interest is only half good news for Club Med. If one party pays too much, there's worry it won't have necessary capital to invest in the brand.

Colorado Resorts Fret Over Pot-Induced Rocky Mountain Highs

Growing pains. And you know what helps ease pain?

Interview: Apple Leisure’s CEO on the Future of the Luxury All-Inclusive Vacation

Apple Leisure Group is competing with cruise lines to attract the business of American travelers to Mexico and the Caribbean. Like cruise lines trying to win over first-time cruisers, Apple Leisure Group is attempting to get Americans who have never had a passport before to get off the couch and experience their first foreign vacations.

Luxury Resorts Attract Investors as Business Travel Rebounds

As long as airfares are relatively stable and group business travel continues to recover, then investors see luxury resorts as ripe for further development.