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According to, who else, the editors of Monocle. Every year the magazine does its top 25 most liveable cities, and an offshoot of that list is the cities won’t make it on that list ever, but are super-interesting in other ways than quality of life. As Monocle describes it:

They might not be slick or smart, they might be a bit dusty in the corners or a nightmare to navigate, and they won’t be making our top 25 most liveable cities list any time soon. But who cares? One thing they are not, is boring. This is our list of this year’s five most loveable cities.

The 2013 list includes: Palermo (Italy), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Tel Aviv (Israel), Chiang Mai (Thailand), San Jose (Costa Rica). All good choices we would agree with.


For comparison sake, Monocle’s list from the last two years:
2012’s list: Turin (Italy), Portland (Maine), Tblisis (Georgia), Valparaiso (Chile), and Naha (Japan)


2011’s list: Buenos Aires (Argentina), Casablanca (Morocco), Rome (Italy), Hiroshima (Japan), and Seoul (South Korea)

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Photo Credit: Beach in the city of Palermo, in Italy.