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Mecca hoteliers build better and bigger for a new generation of wealthier pilgrims

As pilgrims become wealthier, international luxury chains are eager to get a piece of Saudi Arabia's hajj dollars.


The reality and potential for tourism’s growth in Haiti

Haiti needs to find a compelling way to both ignore the walled gardens of private cruise line beaches and expand beyond feel-good tourism in order to create a real culture of tourism in the country.

Online Travel

Virgin’s Wi-Fi is now live at 41 London Tube stations

After six weeks or so of free access, Virgin hopes London residents will find their service a compelling reason to switch carriers before its paywall goes up, post-Olympics.


More Asia-Pacific flyers like budget carriers Jetstar and AirAsia than bigger counterparts

Even as the airline industry goes through a boom in the region flyers are turning to the budget operators for their flights instead of older established players like Qantas and Singapore Airlines.


Chicago really wants to see 50 million visitors a year by 2020

With stunning architecture, great restaurants, rich cultural life, and a great outdoors scene Chicago's is easily one of the U.S.'s top cities. But it won't get 50 million visitors if it allows its citizens to keep murdering one another.


Belgian tourism officials are really angry with the weather service

Everyone knows the right answer isn't to sue the weathermen but to play god a la Vladimir Putin and seed the clouds with cement dust in order to prevent rain.


The 10 best free attractions in the United States

Solid picks for a budget summer, but travelers will likely be drawn this year to places that let them find respite from the searing heat.


President Obama recalls family vacations by bus and budget motel

Vacations can turn political very quickly, especially when both childhood experiences are so different and personal fortuns are separated by hundreds of millions of dollars (to say nothing of roof-bound dogs in kennels).


Kiwis aren’t happy with Australia’s Christchurch travel warnings

Post-earthquake damage in Christchurch is centered around the central business district rather than the areas outside of the city that attract outdoor enthusiasts and travelers on motorvan holidays


Britain’s Border Force just can’t get its act together at Heathrow

You can't fail this often for so long without really, really trying. PM David Cameron needs to beg qualified Border Force officials to return and show his team how to run things.