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The Points Guy Tries to Translate His Miles Hacking Wisdom to Webisodes

Video is a different game that written content, but Kelly's been a master of monetization so far. If viewers find him likable, too, he'll be headed in the right direction.

9 months ago

The Most Viewed Travel YouTube Videos of 2015

Some of these videos aren't particularly exciting let alone visually stunning, but they still highlight which subjects and stories travelers feel most drawn to and offer lessons for what kind of content best facilitates connection.

11 months ago

Best Travel Ads this Week: Booking Sites Get Cheeky

Videos are just like digital ads, they need to be tailored to specific audiences by interest and purchase behavior.

1 year ago

Best Travel Ads this Week: Father’s Day Pride

June is an opportune time for travel brands to celebrate the role of fathers and milestones of same-sex marriages, but they need to be careful not to exploit the occasion and the movement.

1 year ago

New Trends Report: Digital Video Marketing Strategies for Travel Brands

Over the past ten years, digital video has matured and permeated the social sharing and mobile viewing environments. As ad products evolve to make video more interactive and audience more targetable, travel brands need to rethink their content mix to stay relevant.

1 year ago

Best Travel Ads This Week: The World Is Your Oyster

Summer and winter recess is truly one of the best times to push people to explore new destinations and seek adventure.

1 year ago

Spirit Airlines Continues to Embrace Flyers’ Hate as a Branding Opportunity

Baldanza is right in his cynicism -- flyers almost always focus on price first -- but we still will avoid flying Spirit whenever we can.

2 years ago

Malaysia Airlines Tries to Hit ‘Reset’ With Two Short Films

Regaining the trust from flyers after two crashes is a daunting task, but Malaysia Airlines forges ahead.

2 years ago

Carnival Turns to Samantha Brown to Teach People How to Cruise

Pick the right personality who your brand's target audience can relate to.

2 years ago

Top 10 Travel Media Brands on Social Media for December 2014

Candy cane themed visuals were overshadowed by listicles about winter and beach destinations.

2 years ago

Top 10 Travel Destinations on Social Media for December 2014

Retelling the holiday story every year in a different way is challenging, but worthwhile.

2 years ago

Top 10 Hotel Brands on Social Media for December 2014

Hotels photo-and-video baited potential guests with festive lobbies, holiday inspired cocktails and out-of-the-cold destinations.

2 years ago