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Disney Takes Its Magic Wristband Technology to Shanghai Resort, Minus the Wristbands

Wearable tech moves with much more speed than most brands can keep up with, but that isn't keeping Disney from trying.

10 months ago

Video: Innovation Is Essential, Even When It Fails Says Virgin Atlantic’s CEO

You have to be willing to fail to succeed.

1 year ago

The Future of Connected Travel at Stuttgart’s Urban Living Lab

The biggest trendline in travel is personalization, but that can only truly evolve if people decide that they want to share more and more personal information.

1 year ago

Québec Airport Becomes World’s First to Use Apple Watch to Help Planes Take-Off

If the Apple Watch can help clear more planes for take-off, sooner, we can get behind that.

1 year ago

The Technology Treats Found in Starwood Hotels’ Concept Lab

Starwood always makes things interesting by putting their tests in real hotels for consumers to play around with.

1 year ago

Half of Walt Disney World Visitors Now Enter Wearing MyMagic+ Wristbands

By getting visitors into the parks faster, the MyMagic+ wristbands help them spend more easily and create that lucrative Disney magic the Walt Disney Co. wants in its coffers.

1 year ago

Why Apple’s Beating Android in Consumer Travel Wearables

From technology that lets guests unlock their rooms to boarding passes displayed on your wrist, wearables are becoming an important part of the traveler’s journey.

1 year ago

New Trends Report: The Future of Wearables in Travel

Hotels, airlines and others in the travel and hospitality industry are in a fierce bid for a piece of the $644.9 billion global leisure travel pie know they must reach consumers at every step of the look-to-book process and the journey beyond.

1 year ago

European Airlines Racing to Release Apple Watch Apps

While the number of passengers with the Watch will remain low as inventory is limited, airlines don't want to be left behind the first real wearable tech boom.

2 years ago

Building Disney’s MyMagic+ Band: Insight’s From Fast Company’s Report

Making magic gets messy from time to time.

2 years ago

All the Apple Watch Hotel and Airline Apps (So Far)

Will the Watch be the next Google Glass or the next iPhone? We're waiting to find out, too.

2 years ago

Be Prepared for Tech to Fail, Says Virgin Atlantic’s Brand Director

We appreciate this honest take from Arnold. It's not everyday we see a brand admit that it's not always going to get it right, but it's always going to forge ahead where others fear to tread.

2 years ago