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Luton, the armpit of UK’s airports, is also the rudest

Oh, but that we knew. Imagine if you were to fly from Luton to Newark, that would be the perfect storm.


UK budget hotel chain Travelodge gets nearly half its debts written off

Travelodge now has a shot at turning around its business, but the chain's landlords are concerned about the company's additional plans to find new operators for almost a tenth of its hotels.


UK wants to triple the number of Chinese tourists with post-Olympics tourism campaign

UK wants to catch up with its EU neighbors whose economies are benefitting from China's growing middle class, but they'll first need to lower flyer fees and simplify the visa system for tourists.


One of the world’s most remote islands is worried about the effects of building its first airport

Introducing tourism on Saint Helena island could become an interesting experiment on how to implement sustainable tourism when given a clean slate and access to new technologies.


Thomas Cook waives Air Passenger Duty for customers to highlight the new taxes

A novel way to get additional customers for the troubled travel agency, while protesting and highlighting the APD that's been riling up everyone in the industry.


Protests begin as UK rail fares are set to increase up to 11% due to inflation

The global pressure for smooth transportation in England is over, but that doesn't mean residents are happy about the current price of train travel, proposed fare raises, and job cuts at rail stations around the country.


TripAdvisor making friends in UK after spate of bad PR

After getting slapped on the wrist by UK regulatory authorities regarding the trustworthiness of its reviews, and being subjected to adverse press reports, TripAdvisor is anxious to portray its tourism status as a solid citizen. Of course 25% of TripAdvisor users stay longer at hotels than other travelers -- it takes time to pack and write all those reviews before heading out to the next destination.