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After Years of Delays, UK Government Gives Go-Ahead For Heathrow Expansion… Again

The UK government's backing of Heathrow over Gatwick is only the first step. The same thing happened in 2003 and 2007. The airline industry should expect years of squabbling and judicial reviews to further hold up the process of building a new runway in the south east of England.

2 days ago

Tourists See England as One Big Sale Sign Right Now

Until UK retailers adjust prices, the country will attract visitors happy to spend as much or more than in the past, yet walk away with so much more.

4 days ago

Conference Planners Show Surging Interest in London Since Brexit

Demand for conference space in London is always high, but price considerations usually tend to dampen some of that excitement. With a 15 percent drop against the U.S. dollar though, suddenly post-Brexit London seems like a bargain, relatively speaking.

3 weeks ago

Ctrip CEO Interested in U.S. Potential and Sees a Brexit Boom

Would the world's second-largest online travel agency in market cap, Ctrip, entertain the idea of entering the U.S. market to complement its sites in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore? The x's and o's are unclear but the idea isn't as far-fetched as it might seem given Chinese investment in the U.S. and the Ctrip CEO's statements about his interest in the U.S. market

2 months ago

British Rush Post-Brexit to Get Freedom-of-Movement Passports Before it Is Too Late

Even Brits who don't normally travel to the Continent for work and play are applying for freedom-of-movement passports so they don't get left out if the EU doors eventually close. Voters remorse?

2 months ago

Travelers Taking the Chunnel to France Are Facing Major Security Delays

If delays continue many travelers will not bother using the Chunnel which could hurt those that couldn't otherwise afford to travel.

3 months ago

Skift Survey: What Global Travelers Really Think About Visiting America-In-Turmoil

Travel to the U.S. is more resilient than some other countries, but there are already warning signs that the current climate should be cause for concern.

3 months ago

Despite the Brexit Vote and Decreasing Profits, the Chunnel Will Likely Remain in Operation

Here's hoping the Channel Tunnel will remain open, despite the Brexit vote and despite its recent financial struggles.

4 months ago

Chinese Tourists See Brexit Vote and Pound Decline as One Big ‘Sale’ Sign

While we don't have Burberry on our shopping list, we look forward to feeling less squeezed this summer when we visit London. It's a feeling that most visitors have practically forgotten.

4 months ago

Skift Survey: U.S. Travelers Split on Visiting UK, Avoiding It or Looking Up What ‘Brexit’ Means

This is not immaterial to UK travel. They need Americans to (continue to) come flocking and spend as much as they can. As much as it may hurt, VisitBritain and other interests will need to pitch the potential big savings of their destination in the months ahead.

4 months ago

The Brexit Will Hit Tourism Hardest in These 6 European Countries

Some EU nations will be more affected than others by Britain's decision to leave, but there will be fallout for all.

4 months ago

FAQs on What Brexit Means For British Travelers Today

For now nothing will change, except significant spending power impact for British travelers abroad. And pestering questions from whoever meets British travelers along the way: what the hell were you thinking, UK?

4 months ago