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Bangkok Overtakes London as Most Visited International Destination in 2016

The Asia-Pacific region is continues to grow as a powerhouse of international travel destinations. But the global cities enjoying the most spending from international travelers remain the usual suspects.

6 days ago

Thailand Opens Its First Halal Hotel in Attempt to Broaden Its Tourist Base

Thailand is smart to broaden its base, but we'd also like to see it address its bigger issues that are keeping other visitors away.

4 weeks ago

Thailand Is Cracking Down on Sex Tourism in Bangkok

Thailand's tourism success is so tenuous right now, but that's no reason to slow efforts to cut down on exploitative practices.

1 month ago

Thailand Bomb Blasts in Popular Tourist Cities Kill At Least Four People

2 months ago

Thailand Closes Tourist Island to Protect Its Ecosystem

Since it's Thailand, we're not sure we trust the government's claims as to why it's closing the island. Hopefully, though, it will have the intended environmental impact.

4 months ago

Chart: As Chinese Tourists Fill Thailand’s Gaps, Hiring Is on the Rise

Since Thailand's military junta overthrew the country's government, some tourist arrivals have increased, despite random arrests and a leadership that blames tourists for being murdered. At least employment has improved.

5 months ago

Thailand Promises Better Security After Brutal Attack on Tourists

If a military junta can't even provide decent security, what's the use of a brutal dictatorship?

7 months ago

5 Charts Showing the Rise in International Arrivals to Asia-Pacific Destinations

The power of the outbound Chinese traveler should not be underestimated.

8 months ago

Thailand Is Trying to Cut Fatalities on Its Buses and Roads

When your most popular holiday is called "Seven Dangerous Days," you know you have a problem with travel safety.

9 months ago

Verdict in Thailand Tourist Murders Prompt Accusations of a Coverup

Thailand wants more tourists from Europe and the U.S. to return and closing this case by whatever means has been a top priority.

9 months ago

Thailand’s Aviation Downgrade Contributes to Junta’s Many Tourism Woes

Thailand's tourism has been a mess for years, it's just that so many people were coming despite its problems that nobody noticed. That's not an issue now.

10 months ago

Thailand Acknowledges That Its Aviation Industry Is in Need of Help

Thailand has quickly moved from tourism success story to total mess.

10 months ago