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Switzerland Tourism Improves Thanks to More Affordable Options

Switzerland is seeing a slight improvement in overnight hotel stays, but still has a lot to worry about: Will Asian tourists stay away over broader European security fears, and will high prices scare off other potential visitors?

3 months ago

24 Years in The Making, Switzerland Opens World’s Longest Train Tunnel

Travelers can now travel by train from Germany to Italy through the heart of the Alps in less than three hours.

4 months ago

Interview: Zurich Tourism CEO on the Future of Marketing Smart Cities

Understanding the value of digital connectivity and strategy in smart cities, Zurich Tourism is helping its destination partners drive new business with sophisticated digital tools.

10 months ago

Switzerland’s Proposed Burqa Ban Would Hurt Tourism Rebound

A country should do what's best for its residents not tourists, but sometimes when times are tough residents don't make the best decisions for themselves.

1 year ago

Visitors From Gulf Countries Are Saving Swiss Tourism This Year

Easing visa restrictions are the fastest way to opening the door open to visitors who really want to come, especially those from nations that are used to jumping through hoops.

1 year ago

Swiss Hotels Hit by the Franc’s Strength While the Euro Drops

Switzerland may be seeing more Americans and Chinese now, but it will have to make a case for why they should keep coming there rather than seeking out cheaper experiences across the rest of Europe.

1 year ago

Interview: Switzerland Tourism’s Grand Content Marketing Plan With National Geographic

It will be interesting to see if more countries contract out large content marketing programs to established media companies, especially without any editorial oversight as was the case here with Switzerland.

2 years ago

U.S. Travel to Switzerland Rises for 5th Consecutive Year

Although Switzerland is a popular business travel destination, Americans are travelings to smaller towns and the Alps suggesting leisure travel is the biggest growth driver between the 2 markets.

2 years ago

Summer Destinations Look for Solutions to Tourists’ Seasonal Stereotypes

Marketing beaches in the winter is a difficult task, suggesting destinations looking to break out of seasonal stereotypes need on-the-ground product development to give visitors a real reason to reconsider a place besides off-season prices and a smart ad campaign.

2 years ago

Sanctions Against Russia Slow Outbound Tourism to Europe

Russia's largest outbound travel market prior to the sanctions was Ukraine, which is too busy dealing with a Russian-sponsored war to bother much with declining tourism numbers.

2 years ago

Travelers From These 10 Countries Have the Biggest Vacation Budgets

Tourists from Switzerland, Australia and the United Kingdom have the largest vacation budgets, according to TripAdvisor's TripBarometer survey. U.S. travelers are fifth and Chinese travelers aren't in the top 10 on an individual basis.

2 years ago

Swiss Online Travel Booking Service Bravofly Raising $340 Million in IPO

It is indeed good times to be doing an online travel booking IPO in Europe. First EDreams Odigeo, now Bravofly, is Skyscanner coming on to the market next?

3 years ago