Rio Is Rushing to Complete Its New Subway in Time for the Olympics

The one benefit of hosting the Olympics (and the World Cup for that matter) is getting money for infrastructure that stays long past all the bribe checks clear. If you don't get there, there's really no reason to waste your time with a big event.

NYC Subway Ridership Reaches Near Record of 1.7 Billion

Development in outer boroughs, especially Brooklyn, is fueling the subway’s rapid growth while regular fare hikes continue to increase its revenues to keep up with demand and upkeep.

U.S. Local Transit Lines Rush to Introduce Mobile Ticketing

Mobile ticketing will be commonplace on U.S. and international transit lines in the near future and we expect adoption to soar above 25% when that time comes.

App Adds Data Visualizations to NYC Subway Maps

Tunnel Vision is a great example of a tool that is able to enrich and inform the travel experience with the access to open data. It will be projects like this that encourage private and public parties to release data for the greater good.

NYC Regional Rail Tickets Will Go Mobile in a Matter of Months

NYC is behind other major metropolitan areas in implementing mobile ticketing so we hope this announcement is quickly followed up with the introduction of mobile ticketing throughout the city's public transit system.

Panama Just Unveiled Central America’s First Subway System

Considering that transit systems always cost so much more than originally budgeted, Panama's outgoing president shouldn't be criticized for the over spending. Plus, it's refreshing to see a leader spend crazy amounts on something for the public good.

New York City Subway Ridership Reaches Highest Level Since 1949

The significant increase in subway ridership underlines the importance of public transit today and highlights the city's responsibility to respond with improved service and features that make the NYC system on par with transit options offered around the world.

NYC Subway Ridership Reaches Its Highest Levels Since 1950

Public transportation is becoming more popular countrywide as a new generation of millennials moves away from personal vehicles in favor of more affordable bikes, buses, and monthly subway passes.

NYC Takes Subway Riders Underground with Amazing Flickr Account

MTA's Flickr page started attracting fans last year with rare photos of an empty city during Hurricane Sandy. It has since chronicled the current-day construction of the NYC transit system, a digital time capsule that will surely be looked at for generations to come.

New York State Ad Campaign Brings Nature to City Subways

New York City subway campaigns are one of the easiest and most expensive ways to capture an attentive audience. The campaign is particularly clever since New Yorkers and visitors can take public transit directly to the destinations advertised.