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Hotels Increasingly Offer Safety and Stereotypes in Rooms for Solo Women

Dukes Hotel’s new female-specific rooms highlight personal safety, but they also reinforce gender stereotypes. The bigger question is: Do they really think these measures are serving women better or is the real goal to use women as a marketing gimmick?

2 months ago

Queen Mary 2 Debuts Staterooms for Solo Travelers and Expands Kennels

The Queen Mary 2 has long-catered to dogs and their masters, and now even solo travelers are having their day in the sun -- or in their own staterooms, at least.

4 months ago

Survey: Millennials Are More Interested in Solo Travel This Year

It's arguably easier to travel by yourself, and plan that travel, than in the past and that goes for U.S. travelers of all ages.

1 year ago

What Social Media Means for Women Who Want to Travel the World Alone

Much has been written about the impact mobile devices and social media are having on the travel experience, but there are profound implications for female travelers, in particular, who can use the tools to feel safer when on the road alone.

2 years ago

Opinion: Why solo travel is still safe, no matter what happened in Istanbul

Author Laura Bly is right: The unfortunate death of an American traveler in Istanbul isn't an indictment of solo travel, it's a reminder about what keeps us safe and how travel can change us.

4 years ago