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The Future of Visual Content Marketing: 5 Strategies for Travel Brands

Register for this webinar to learn how brands like Marriott, EF College Break, Club Med, and Airbnb are using visual content to change the ways customers discover and share their travel experiences.

2 weeks ago

New Skift Trends Report: How to Harness the Facebook Ecosystem in 2016

In a world of fly-by-night apps and social media bubbles, Facebook has matured as one of the more important communications platforms.

8 months ago

The Future of Social Media and Content Marketing for All-Inclusive Resorts

Digital brand communications, social media and the rise of digital bookings are impacting the industry at a rising rate year over year, in ways big and small.

1 year ago

American Airlines Ditches the Muzak for Indie Rock During Boarding

American Airlines' musical tastes are apparently more in tune these days with its Twitter following after dumping the old stuff for hipper music during boarding and after landing.

2 years ago

What Travel Brands Need to Know About Meerkat, the Hottest Social App Right Now

Meerkat is one of the hottest social apps right now and by right now we mean the last two weeks. It has the early promise to make live video broadcasting dead-simple, using Twitter's social graph as the distribution vehicle. We see tons of uses in various travel sectors.

2 years ago

Instagram Brings Brands One Tap Closer to Customers With New Ad Product

The carousel is visually appealing, but clicking through to a mobile branded site for travel brands may still not be enough.

2 years ago

2015 Trend: Travel Brands Look to Instagram for the Influencer Bump

We’re still in the early days of the Instagram Influencer, but the one thing we do know is that great visuals will catch on no matter who’s doing the sharing.

2 years ago

South African Booking Site Acquires Social Startup Satisfly

With so many startups focusing on specific niches of the travel market, we will continue to see more acquisitions of small companies by small companies as competition consolidates.

2 years ago

How Travel Tech Companies Humanize Their Brands on Social

B2B travel companies are taking advantage of social media's inherent function of connecting with real people.

2 years ago

5 Travel Brands Winning on Social Media for the Week Ending August 15, 2014

Excite your audience with polarizing questions and take part in their pop culture obsessions.

2 years ago

20 Hotel Properties Making the Fastest Friends on Facebook

Hotels that function as attractions and destinations are carving out their content position with eye candy that wets the escapist's appetite.

2 years ago

How the 5 Most Active Ground Transport Companies React on Twitter

Rental cars, trains, and taxis are present for their customers on social, but it needs to step up the pace.

2 years ago