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It's been an ongoing focus of ours to meet our audience where they are. Here's another way we're doing just that.

As a publisher, we understand how important it is to consume relevant, timely news. As such, we’ve made it top priority to meet our audience where they are – on LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, you name it. In that vein, we’re excited to announce that the Skift WhatsApp Channel is now live.

Here’s what you can expect: Two to three top travel news stories of the day, hand-selected by our team, and delivered directly to WhatsApp.

For stories, we’ll be selecting breaking news and stories of global interest.

With WhatsApp Channels, followers can get updates directly within WhatsApp on their phone, or the desktop web or app versions.

Followers of our Channel can’t be seen (or spammed) by other followers or by us, so you don’t have to worry about revealing your phone number to everyone else in the travel industry.

Also, when you’re reading a story on Skift on your smartphone, you can always share that directly to anyone using the sharing buttons at the top and bottom of the article.

5 More Ways to Stay Connected

You can find multiple ways to connect with Skift on our Where to Find us page. A few highlights:

Skift Weekly News Digest on LinkedIn

Our Sunday roundup of the week’s top stories gives readers what they need to start the week in the know. Subscribers can read it in the LinkedIn app, their email inbox, or the LinkedIn website.

Skift on Substack

Prefer to see the Skift Daily in your Substack app? We got you there, too, early adopter.

Skift on Flipboard

Consider our Flipboard channels as the pre-Substack if you will, but over a decade in we still love reading with it. Skift Pro subscribers can read every story on Flipboard and non-subscribers can read until the subscription wall kicks in.

Skift on Google News

Nearly everything we publish on Skift, Skift Research, Airline Weekly, Daily Lodging Report, and Skift Podcasts shows up on our Google News channel. Follow us there for updates throughout the day.

Skift on YouTube

Every session we do at a Skift Forum or Summit eventually shows up on our YouTube channel. You can also find all of our podcasts there.

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