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The Curious Exit and Strong Legacy of Delta’s Chairman — Skift Business Traveler

Although Anderson may not be missed by his rivals, his impact on the industry will be felt for years.

7 days ago

American Airlines Launches Its Premium Economy — Skift Business Traveler

American's got a new premium economy cabin that it's flying domestically for the next few months. Let's see if it turns into a viable product.

2 weeks ago

United Hits Pause on Introducing Basic Economy Fares — Skift Business Traveler

United pushed the launch of its basic economy fares out a few months, giving business travelers a few more months to enjoy the full perks of budget tickets. Slowly, however, the axeman cometh.

3 weeks ago

Starwood and Marriott Finally Merge — Skift Business Traveler

Loyalty members at Marriott and Starwood were in for a surprise last Friday when the hotels announced that it was possible to link the programs. Each group now has nearly double the volume of bookable hotels and partner programs with which they can use their points.

4 weeks ago

Another Player Enters the In-Flight Wi-Fi Game — Skift Business Traveler

Does the airline industry even need another in-flight Wi-Fi provider? French aircraft company Thales thinks so. And if its entry into the market helps drive costs down and speeds up service, we're all for it.

1 month ago

U.S. Airlines Tell Passengers to Turn Off Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones — Skift Business Traveler

In airports across the U.S. this weekend, the calls to turn off Note 7s echoed through the terminals. Airlines are concerned about fires from faulty phone batteries while in flight, but it's still not clear whether passengers are taking the warning seriously.

1 month ago

American Elites Are Unhappy With the New AAdvantage Loyalty Program — Skift Business Traveler

American changed its AAdvantage loyalty program to a revenue-based model earlier this year and its members seem to be angrier than usual. But is the furor enough for American to act?

2 months ago

British Airways Flights Snarled By Latest IT Glitch — Skift Business Traveler

Travelers on British Airways may be in for a long week after another industry IT glitch bogged down its operations. This is the major third major IT glitch to hit the industry this summer, but the first in Europe.

2 months ago

American Air’s Former President Has Excellent Timing — Skift Business Traveler

We've entered a new phase of airline leadership this year with new CEOs at Delta and United and American's upstart Doug Parker in the senior role.

2 months ago

Upgrades Disappear as Airlines Make Smaller Improvements — Skift Business Traveler

Although you may be stuck in the middle seat — hey, look — there's free in-flight entertainment.

2 months ago

American ‘Shuffles’ Its Award Ticket Prices, Stays Quiet About Dynamic Pricing

American wants flyers to know that it's only "shuffling" reward prices. We're not sure what that means either.

2 months ago

More Changes For United’s Management Team — Skift Business Traveler

With executive changes in place, passengers are surely next in line.

2 months ago