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Jetstar CEO Interview: Running the World’s Most Unique Low-Cost Carrier

What Jetstar Group has done is nearly impossible. It has taken five different airlines in five countries, most with different investors, and operating them as one brand. So far, it's worked out pretty well.

1 week ago

With Jetstar Group, Qantas Succeeds Where Other Big Airlines Have Failed

Qantas is finally seeing some improvement from its Jetstar brands. But will the discount airlines be able to sustain their success?

1 month ago

Qantas is Finally Making Money and Now Investors Want Their Share

It's the same story all over the world. Investors, focused on short-term returns, crave dividends on their airline stocks.

1 month ago

Airlines See Pajama Styles as Competitive Advantage for Premium Passengers

Airline competition is evolving from lounges to loungewear in the front of the plane. Hey, if they have lie-flat seats on long-haul flights, then frequent flyers might as well walk the aisles and sleep in style.

2 months ago

Qantas Has Eight More A380s On Order, But has Little Use for Them

For any airline not called Emirates, A380s work best for the biggest cities, such as London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Sydney and Shanghai. For most other places, they have too many seats.

2 months ago

In the Battle of the Airline Lifestyle Brands, Etihad’s Style Is Expanding

The goal is to make airline lifestyle brands relatable, likable, insidery, and envy-inducing badges of honor. Fashion and other style elements are the type of brand associations which make that connection happen. Plus: Women make key travel decisions for themselves and their families.

5 months ago

A Qantas Plane Races a Tesla in Cross-Promotion to Push Sustainability

Qantas is making some very smart and bold branding moves. The timing of this collaboration with Tesla around the launch of the Model S is only the latest.

6 months ago

Qantas Announces Free Domestic In-Flight High-Speed Wi-Fi Starting Next Year

With Qantas' decision, the question arises what other oneworld partners will do next. The Wi-Fi space race just heated up again, and it never even had time to cool down.

7 months ago

Qantas’ New Digital Magazine Pushes the Boundaries of Content Marketing

Not quite an in-flight magazine, not quite a consumer publication. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and if other brands follow suit.

8 months ago

Qantas Gets the Safety Video Formula Right While Promoting Destinations

A safety video which manages to be entertaining and promotes the brand is good. Marketing content designed to go viral, disguised as a safety video, is not. 

8 months ago

Qantas CEO Shares His Secrets for Operating Low-Cost and Full-Service Airlines Together

JetStar is a success story for the Qantas group; one that other airlines will want to review closely. But it also benefits from a unique market which has seen significant passenger growth, and where long-distance flight is the best available—or only option—to get from point A to point B.

12 months ago

Hugh Jackman Is Qantas’ New Brand Ambassador for Australian Tourism

Close ties between Hollywood and aviation date back many decades. The more recent trend of actors as formal brand ambassadors helps align the airline brand with the star’s persona. With the right selection of stars, it’s an association which can really pay off.

1 year ago