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A Lull in Tourism is Expected to Hurt the Luxury Goods Market

A slowdown in tourism doesn't just harm the travel industry. As the habits of shopping travelers from China to Brazil and beyond change, so will the expectations of retail brands in major tourism markets.

5 months ago

The Future of International Luxury Travel in 4 Charts

Over the next decade, North America's dominance in luxury travel may be supplanted by Middle Eastern and Asian travelers looking to upgrade to a luxury travel experience.

5 months ago

Customization, Freedom and the Next Phase of Luxury Travel

Luxury tour operators are starting to focus more on customization than the traditional safaris and expeditions. This reflects the growing trend of personalization in leisure travel.

9 months ago

Beverly Hills Tourism and the Challenge of Refreshing a Mature Luxury Travel Brand

Beverly Hills is sidestepping traditional media marketing with a thought leadership trend piece on the future of luxury, which helps position both the destination and the bureau as fresh and forward-thinking.

9 months ago

Video: Reinventing Luxury Cruising Through Customization

Everyone wants a trip made just for them, and when you're paying luxury prices it's more likely to happen.

10 months ago

Luxury Cruise Lines Add New Ports and Excursions, Not Ships

Luxury cruise lines are taking a different approach to brand building than their mainstream and river cruise rivals. A new focus on excursions and fresh experiences is helping them to attract luxury travelers who want something new.

11 months ago

Interview: Azamara Club Cruises CEO on Modern Luxury and the Cruise Experience

Luxury travel is undergoing a transformation from traditional to experimental, as brands try to appeal to a new generation of wealthy vacationers.

11 months ago

How Tourism Australia Shifted Its Brand Toward the Luxury Customer

Selling luxury travel today is all about options. Luxury travel brands are delivering more immersive, personalized travel experiences targeting a broader consumer base by age, source markets, and evolving traveler psychographics.

1 year ago

Skift Global Forum 2015: Crystal Cruises CEO on Building a Lifestyle Brand

Luxury brands are evolving alongside luxury traveler's increasing demands.

1 year ago

4 Charts That Illustrate Indian Travelers’ Growing Luxury Shopping Habits

The Chinese aren't the only important market to pay attention to in Asia-Pacific.

1 year ago

New Trends Report: The Changing Business of Selling Luxury Travel

Luxe travel brands are meeting consumer demands by developing more nuanced options for immersive destination experiences so consumers can customize their entire travel journey.

1 year ago

The Uber for Helicopters Would Really Like an Endless Summer

Making Blade more than a well-branded novelty is a challenge when it's based on seasonal travel behaviors.

1 year ago