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Philadelphia Picked as Lonely Planet’s Top U.S. Destination for 2016

We're a little tired of picture-perfect destinations that now bank everything on tourism (cough, Charleston, cough), which is why we like this pick from LP.

9 months ago

Lonely Planet’s New Travel Magazine Is Now on U.S. Newsstands

The more magazines, the merrier. Let's hope LP moves further in the next issue to add its own distinctive take to the medium.

12 months ago

Lonely Planet’s Founder Retraces Hippie Trail, This Time by Budget Air

We are pretty sure that low-cost carriers are, in most cases, more comfortable than driving a van across Asia in the 1970s. But it takes someone as perpetually optimistic as Tony Wheeler to find the bright spots in otherwise sub-par service.

12 months ago

Bourdain’s First Book With Roads & Kingdoms Is a Food Guidebook

It continues to be surprising that so few travel publishers help readers discover a destination through its food.

1 year ago

Lonely Planet’s Top Destination for 2015 Is Having Trouble Attracting Visitors

Singapore was an interesting choice to begin with.

1 year ago

For Lonely Planet Now Is the Right Time to Launch Its U.S. Magazine

We don't know how successful LP will be with its ambitions for the magazine, but we do know that they'll be more successful by focusing on the brand's expertise and its readers' willingness to travel than low prices and budget bets.

1 year ago

Twitter Video Falls Short on Performance Metrics for Travel Brands

Being transparent about performance metrics on both organic and paid videos should be a given.

1 year ago

Travel Brands Big and Small Experiment on Yo to Reach Next-Gen Travelers

Publishers control how many push notifications they can send, but they can't control how many publishers users subscribe to. Over-subscription will make push notifications less effective and annoying.

2 years ago

Top 10 Travel Media Brands on Social Media for December 2014

Candy cane themed visuals were overshadowed by listicles about winter and beach destinations.

2 years ago

Data Insights from Top Travel Brands’ Twitter Contests

What's a tweet worth? When it's tied to a prize it's worth a bit more.

2 years ago

Lonely Planet Buys Stake in Action Sports Media Company

Lonely Planet's ambitions go beyond the guidebook. But can it piece together a multi-media brand from all the parts it's collected up until now?

2 years ago

Top 10 Travel Media Brands on Social Media for October 2014

National Geographic Traveler can no longer rely on its parent brand's recognition because social media is leveling the playing field for younger online based publications.

2 years ago