3 Content Challenges for Global Travel Marketers

Connecting effectively and cost-efficiently with travelers from emerging regions is a growing challenge for brands, especially as content marketing becomes a bigger factor in reaching global consumers.

Skift Podcast: The Past and Future of Local Discovery

No one company has cracked local discovery the way people have long hoped some company would. But as mobile devices become more knowledgable about what we see and do, services like Foursquare and its rivals could become much more interesting.

Foursquare Is Getting Into the Social Trip Planning Business

The travel startup scene is littered with the corpses of social trip-planning services. But Foursquare's check-ins are a gold mine of data, and it's smart enough that it knows this is a nice-to-have feature, not a business in itself.

Foursquare CEO and Founder Steps Down as App Tries to Grow

Crowley has had the focus and dedication to the product that has allowed it to survive much longer than most other hyped products could dream of, but new blood and a new perspective should help it refocus on what Foursquare has become.

Google Maps’ Local Guides Program Brings Community Focus to Traveler Reviews

Google Maps needed a serious refresh to remain relevant not just in mapping, but also in reviews as travelers look for fresher content that's visually stimulating and easily navigable.

Yelp Is No Longer Actively Looking for a Buyer

Yelp would like to be more like TripAdvisor. But it's not.

2 Airlines That Are Helping Passengers Live Like a Local

Not all hospitality and tourism trends become aviation trends too, but the travel like a local trend touches all sectors. Some airlines recognize the trend and are doing what they can to get it right.

Farm to Table to Hotel for Smart Properties Looking for Authenticity

There's no easier way for a hotel to distinguish itself than a restaurant that doesn't act like a hotel restaurant.

Lifestyle Hotels Look for a Local Edge to Stand out in the Market

The demand for a local, authentic travel experience is now driving large hotel companies to develop new brands to differentiate themselves and deliver experiences that immerse guests in local communities.

Groupon Closes SideTour and Shuts Down Its Tours Platform

Many people have worked hard for a long time to bring tours and activities into the digital age. So far, there's very, very little to show for all the work and all the hype.