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Gogo still in the red although Wi-Fi sales and installations growing

Gogo’s latest IPO amendment shows Wi-Fi installations and sales are growing, but it's troubling that the percentage of passenger firing up their their laptops to use Gogo's service remains flat and relatively low.


How people who don’t pay ancillary fees end up paying anyway

Who said only the people who pay fees are hit by them? The extra few inches in premium economy come from somewhere, and the the longer lines at TSA checkpoints slow down everyone.

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Delta and Virgin America passengers get free inflight access to eBay via Gogo Wi-Fi

Inflight Wi-Fi company Gogo provides free Wi-Fi for a number of partners, but probably hopes customers will end up paying Gogo to reach the sites they care about instead of browsing eBay for free.


Hawaiian Airlines offers a bit of “aloha” with revamped in-flight food and drink service

OK, it's not extra legroom. But give Hawaiian a bit of credit for serving something other than a turkey sandwich and half a can of RC cola.


Air travelers want child-free zones: No kidding

There is a market for child-free zones on flights, although they could be a logistical and political nightmare.

Air travelers want child-free zones: No kidding


Why airlines should ditch custom in-flight entertainment systems for iPads

Airlines aren't necessarily swayed by the iPad's cool factor, but they love the idea of massive fuel savings as well as the simplification of airplanes' wiring systems that the tablet offers.


The (fake) Delta safety video that will actually make you watch safety instructions

Not only does this Delta remix video hit all the right notes, it calls attention to the bizarre robot-flight attendant the airline uses in its current safety video.


How airlines are killing in-flight civility one seating fee at a time

It's perfectly within passengers' rights to not give up their seats in order to accommodate other flyers, but airlines shouldn't put passengers in a position where they have to manage outrage over airlines' policies.

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Virgin Australia flight crews told to stop using “mate” in business class

While it's lovely to see Richard Branson's employees getting etiquette lessons, you have to wonder why "mate" is still considered acceptable for coach class.

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Leisure travelers wish list: convenient schedule, free bags and nonstop flights

As more airlines cut regional services or route flights through hubs, travelers' first and third most wished for items will continue to go unmet.