9 Priorities as Millennials and Gen Z Move to the Front of the Plane

Airlines are in the process of radically rethinking their premium class offerings. They should not forget about the next generation of passengers.

Gogo Feels Pressure as American Airlines Splits In-Flight Wi-Fi Order With ViaSat

Increased rivalry among in-flight Wi-Fi providers is likely good news for technology advancements that are expedited because of it and the consumers that will benefit from them.

Gogo Is Trying to Raise $500 Million to Improve In-Flight Wi-Fi

Getting Internet onto a plane will likely always be a capital-intensive project, and Gogo's push for faster connectivity will require big investments from the company and from airlines.

American Airlines Will Stop In-Flight Gate Announcement Interruptions

We'd prefer gate announcements to credit-card pitches and barely audible messages from the captain.

SAS CEO Says He Wants Real Digital Change at Airlines, Not ‘Lipstick on a Pig’

Gustafson believes Danes and Swedes will need to catch up with their automation-loving Norwegian counterparts, but, in our experience, all of Europe is reaping the benefits of a strong focus on digital.

Skift Travel Megatrend for 2016: Build Your Own Passenger Experience Is the Future of Flying

BYO doesn’t have to be a bad thing and the best airlines will convince passengers its even better than old-school frills.

Why Mandatory Legroom on Airline Flights Will Cost Consumers

Consumers will continue to try pay as little as humanly possible and complain as loud as possible at the same time.

How American Airlines May Be Making In-Flight Wi-Fi Better for Everyone

We're in a development period now with in-flight Wi-Fi where are expectations can't be met by much of the existing infrastructure.

Gogo’s Stock Takes off After American Air Withdraws Lawsuit

Good news for Gogo and, ultimately, consumers chasing faster in-flight Wi-Fi.

Air France Is Finally Bringing In-Flight Wi-Fi to International Flights

We're with the silent majority on this. It's nice to have an excuse not to check email. But we're in the rapidly shrinking minority here.