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How many screens does it take to make a great in-flight entertainment system?

There's an arms race of sorts taking place between long-haul carriers as they rush to offer more compelling entertainment options. But is it smarter to stick to a BYO policy?

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SkiftAds: Gogo Wi-Fi campaign can’t wait for leisure travelers

Hey, leisure travelers want their MTV and in-flight Internet, too. Wi-Fi on high is not just for road warriors.

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Can you conquer your fear of flying with an app?

A foundation backed by KLM has created an iOS app that will kindly walk freaked flyers through their in-flight fears. Android users? Not so lucky.

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Southwest testing live TV on flights, direct to passengers devices

Get out of the hardware business. Smart. And while charging for the channels will raise some customer eyebrows, the wi-fi to run it comes along with the package & will be appreciated as a value package.

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Delta’s international fleet to get Wi-Fi by 2013

Delta is turing to Gogo for its international offering after the service already helped them build the industry's largest fleet of Wi-Fi equipped planes.


Airlines hope their lousy coach experience will get fliers to upgrade

Now that airplane seats are smaller in coach, the airlines are adding more coach "plus" seats and paid upgrades at manual checkins to lure flyers to more comfortable options.

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Gogo obtains $135M credit facility as IPO patiently waits in the wings

Give Gogo credit. The WiFi provider has to get working on its international expansion and can't wait for its IPO try to be sorted out. That may be the reason behind a $135 million debt-financing agreement.

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Gadgets are forcing flight attendants to play police — and it’s not getting any easier

FAs are used to their airlines punting (seating fees, for instance) and forcing them to deal with passenger blowback, and the FAA has given them yet another thing to worry about.


The tipping point of in-flight WiFi has arrived

Airlines that cater to flyers who need WiFi are building loyalty among high-tech travelers and businesspeople. Those that don't deliver are going to lose out.


JetBlue and Virgin Airlines say they won’t nickel and dime families traveling together

Paying to sit next to someone is a losing proposition for airlines, especially considering the headaches it causes onboard when a family that doesn't pay leaves a four-year-old with complete strangers.