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New York Hotels Go Local With Fashion Week Events

Fashion designers aren't the only ones showcasing their designs and translating their brand's vision to the public during New York Fashion Week; hotels, too, are participating in the week's events, partnering with designers whose message is a reflection of their own brand message and finding a way to give back to the artistic community.

1 year ago

Ryanair Surprises Again With New Crew Uniforms That Have Class

The flight attendants’ bright yellow coats can do double duty as a safety feature on the tarmac.

1 year ago

What the Fashion Industry Can Teach Tourism About Social Media

The art of Instagram marketing is still very much in development in comparison to standard PR efforts; however, travel brands would be wise to look at popular fashion bloggers and brands for tips on how to improve their own accounts and partner with influencers who can quickly expand their reach.

2 years ago

Fashion Designer Tommy Hilfiger in Talks to Buy Miami’s Iconic Raleigh Hotel

Hilfiger is just one of several fashion designers getting into the hotel business, hinting that there's a bubble waiting for the industry on the other side of some very well designed hotels.

3 years ago

Fashion Designer Karl Lagerfeld Gets Into the Chinese Hotel Business

We understand the appeal of brand names, but can't help but think that when fashion designers throw their hat into the hotel development ring like this it is a signal of a bubble.

3 years ago

British Airways Cabin Crews Are Fighting Over the Right to Wear Pants

Uniform requirements for women at airlines often seem as if they're from another century -- and they often are.

3 years ago

Eurostar Unveils New Uniforms for First Time in a Decade

The new look is more colorful and playful than Eurostar's previously grey uniforms and a positive sign for images changes still to come.

3 years ago

Hotel Industry’s Quest to Go Local Is Reaching Slightly Absurd Proportions

Lets be a bit more real in the marketing of local in hospitality. And a little less lame.

3 years ago

Luxury Fashion Brands Experiment with Travel Products for Extra Profits

When the wealthy aren't shopping in their hometowns, they're doing it somewhere else and the fashion brands that are able to take customers from point A to B will see a healthy boost in profits.

3 years ago

Is This the Most Ridiculous Feature in the History of Travel Magazines?

Running a travel magazine isn't easy, but when you forget that your reader comes before your high-end advertiser, you've lost your way.

3 years ago

10 Silly Travel Pillows That Want to Sell You Sleep on Your Next Flight

We would delve into the business of manufacturing and selling the pillows if we could get past the giggling.

3 years ago

Saggy Pants Bans on Upswing as Second NJ Beach Town Mull Restrictions

Saggy pants bans touch tourism and also people wanting to just walk or ride around the nation's cities in their everyday lives. Why is it that some legislators and their constituents have such distaste for others who don't look or dress the way they do? The bans do indeed have racist overtones.

3 years ago