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Egypt Expresses Dismay Over U.S. Travel Warning

The U.S., Canada and the UK have all issued travel warnings for Egypt through October 9. Egypt is perturbed and this tension between security concerns and economic interests isn't going away anytime soon.

3 weeks ago

Egypt’s Tourism Minister Says EgyptAir Crash Shouldn’t Impact Tourism

Unfortunately, he's kidding himself.

5 months ago

Tracing the Path of EgyptAir Flight 804 in Days Before Crash

5 months ago

Jet Crash Sets Back Egypt’s Already Lagging Tourism Recovery

With this week's EgyptAir crash, Egypt's tourism economy just took another hit while it was already down. It will take several years before the country is back to its pre-2011 revolution tourism arrival numbers and on track to seeing long-term growth.

5 months ago

EgyptAir Hijacking Ended Peacefully Yet Still Delivered Blow to Egypt Tourism

Egypt doesn't have what it takes — that being a decent government — to assure visitors that it can protect them on land or in the air.

7 months ago

Tourist Security Is an Unspoken Theme for Travel Operators at ITB Trade Fair

Egypt isn't coming back anytime soon. Unlike Paris, Istanbul, Greece, or even Thailand, it's problems are deep and long-lasting.

8 months ago

Thomas Cook Extends Its Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt Travel Ban Until Fall

Thomas Cook doesn't make decisions like this lightly. It's a clear sign of the brand's dropping confidence in Egypt's leadership and the country's safety for package tourists.

8 months ago

Egypt’s Tourism Free Fall Forces Government to Cut Growth Forecast

When terrible governments get put in charge of great tourist destinations bad things happen. See also: Thailand, Maldives, and others.

8 months ago

Egypt’s Resorts Are More Ghost Towns Than Tourist Destinations Now

Visits to Egypt have plummeted because fewer and fewer tourists have faith in the government to keep people safe — no matter how cheap the vacations are.

9 months ago

Egyptian Tourism Losing $250 Million a Month Since Russian Plane Crash

Amid losing hundreds of millions of dollars, we've seen little effort from the Egyptian government to convince tourists that the country is safe and open for business.

9 months ago

Egypt Tourism Says It Will Spend $32 Million to Improve Resort Security

There's a high cost to having a grossly incompetent and hopelessly corrupt government. This is a bandaid that won't make tourism any safer.

10 months ago

Tourists Stabbed In Egypt Attack in Stable Condition

We can't wait until Egypt gets its act together, but the government has shown no signs it knows how.

10 months ago