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Budget flights come to Dubai by way of India and Thailand

India's IndiGo line is betting that the Dubai has lures for travelers beyond the jetset or who simply want to connect their budget route to another international destination.


More information about Dubai’s underwater rooming ambitions

As underwater hotels go, Dubai's addition to the field is relatively modest with a low(er) pricetag and simpler construction that almost makes it sound practical. Then again, it is an underwater hotel.


Dubai may be in a hotel slump by Dubai standards, but it’s the envy of others

Obviously, nobody told Dubai 2012 about pre-2009 Dubai. Hotel construction has returned with a boom.


New Dubai hotel to be underwater, literally

Plans for a high-stakes, high-end underwater hotel signals that Dubai definitely thinks its recovered from the excesses that brought it to its knees in 2009.


Dubai launches new star system to grade hotel properties

The destination famous for a seven-star hotel is getting serious about delivering a reliable hospitality classification system.


Dubai will fund airport expansion through an Islamic bond scheme

Dubai's Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed al Maktoum -- a post-2009 financial hero -- is leading the latest push for expansion of the emirate's tourism infrastructure.


Dubai has the world’s highest hotel occupancy levels