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Marriott Makes Plans to Double Workforce in Africa and the Middle East

If Marriott wants growth, it will find it here and in Asia. Starwood's expertise in these regions will certainly come in handy.

1 month ago

Dubai Opens the World’s Largest Indoor Theme Park

It goes without saying that huge projects like this which depend on non-sustainable financial backing (have you seen the price of gas these days?) are not smart, long-term tourism development.

2 months ago

Does Dubai Really Need Another Big Luxury Hotel?

Is there a real demand among travelers for robotic luggage handlers, 3-D mapping technology, or a massive rainforest? When is too much just too much, or do we need these types of hotels to remind us of what we can achieve when it comes to hospitality? Or when it comes to Dubai, does extravagance equate to authenticity?

2 months ago

Emirates Plane Crash Closes Dubai Airport, All Passengers and Crew Safe

Given how bad the pictures look, it's amazing everyone survived the incident. It's also surprising that this was Emirates worst accident in its 30-year history.

3 months ago

With Oil Prices Still Low, Dubai Sees Billion-Dollar Road Investment as Key to Economic Growth

As Dubai tries to grow its tourism numbers leading up to the 2020 World Expo, better roads and transit systems can only help.

4 months ago

Dubai Developers Try Underwater Bedrooms to Jumpstart Large Hotel Project

It's as if they took all the lessons of the economic crisis and didn't pay attention to them at all.

5 months ago

The 50 Best Global Meetings Destinations in the World

By making its destination rankings more global in scope, Cvent hopes to expand its brand identity, exposure, and reach worldwide.

5 months ago

Small-Scale Theme Park in Dubai Turns to Marvel and Cartoon Network

This is small for Dubai, but apparently a rich enough deal for Viacom and Disney to let their intellectual property be licensed.

6 months ago

World’s Busiest International Airport Will Now Charge a Departure Fee

Now that Dubai International Airport is a global travel hub, flyers will pay the price of future renovation.

7 months ago

A New Europe and Middle East Convention Landscape — Meetings Innovation Report

Massive new airports in Dubai and Istanbul will drastically shift flight patterns across Europe and Asia by the opening of Dubai Expo 2020, along with the rankings of the world's top 10 convention cities.

7 months ago

In a Bid for Thrill Seekers, Dubai Theme Park Complex Plans to Add a Six Flags

Plans for the Dubai Parks and Resorts complex were ambitious even without adding Six Flags for more than $454 million. The question is whether tourism will continue to grow — and visitors will be clamoring for more theme park experiences.

7 months ago

Dubai’s New Airport Is Already Planning to Expand

How happy would Heathrow (and many travelers) be if an a monarchy made all the decisions? There's a benefit to a benevolent dictatorship — de facto or otherwise — when it comes to transportation planning. Just ask Michael Bloomberg.

7 months ago