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Michigan’s New Tourism Campaign Pushes Detroit’s Renaissance

Michigan successfully sold itself as a grand outdoor destination, it can definitely sell Detroit's resurgence, too.

7 months ago

Detroit Tourism Turns to Local Industry Leaders to Help Lure Conventions

Visit Detroit created a lineup of educational tours for the ASAE Convention that provided both professional development opportunities and immersive travel experiences for the attendees.

1 year ago

Delta CEO Proclaims Detroit Metropolitan Airport Best in the World

Detroit Metropolitan is a nice airport but Richard Anderson should get out more if he truly thinks it is the best airport in the world. Perhaps he got carried away in trying to please the members of the Detroit Economic Club.

1 year ago

Richard Branson Arrives in Detroit on Virgin Atlantic’s Inaugural Flight

It's a big show of support of Detroit, as well as Virgin Atlantic's continued growth in the U.S., post Delta's investment.

1 year ago

Detroit Airport Just Spent $2 Million to Make International Arrivals Faster

It's never a bad idea to make it easier and faster for international visitors to start spending money in your city.

2 years ago

The 12 U.S. Airports With the Fastest Wi-Fi Connections

Airports have finally realized that flyers will deal better with delays and other shenanigans if the Wi-Fi is fast and free.

2 years ago

Detroit Casinos See Revenue Bump, But Problems Persist

The increase in Detroit-area casinos' revenue in June won't be a panacea for the local gaming industry or the beleaguered city.

2 years ago

New Bathroom at Detroit Airport Is for the Dogs

Whether its service animals or the family dog, pets in travel is no joke. For the smart airport or hotel they're also a good source of ancillary revenue.

3 years ago

Beleagured Detroit Gets First New Airline in 9 Years in JetBlue and Fares Plummet

Competition is a beautiful thing. JetBlue has moved into Detroit, and all of the sudden Delta's fares there nosedive. You have to feel the pain of travelers who must fly out of so many airports where there is no such competition.

3 years ago

New Travel Angle for Detroit: Tour the Ruins

Detroit has a unique angle when it comes to marketing itself: See what happens when an economy collapses. Now if city leaders and entrepreneurs can figure out a way to package the experience.

3 years ago

Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Parts Unknown’ Episode 7 Recap: A Tribute to Detroit

Parts Unknown confirmed this season that its mission goes far beyond culinary or even cultural interests. It's entertainment that reveals and comments on today's socioeconomic realities, and we're all the better for it.

3 years ago

Study: Denver Has Healthiest Airport Food, Atlanta’s Is the Worst

Only 53 of 103 restaurants at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport offered at least one high-fiber and cholesterol-free entree, placing the airport last out of 13 U.S. airports surveyed. Southern cooking, anyone?

3 years ago