Expedia Is Stealing Market Share from Priceline’s Name Your Own Price Through Steep Discounts

Priceline's Booking.com has been conquering the world, often at Expedia's expense, but let's score one for Expedia. Its Expedia Unpublished Rates product has been kicking butt, and stealing share from Priceline's Name Your Own Price since last 2011.

LivingSocial CEO Steps Down as Weekend Getaways, Daily Deals Slow

Groupon and LivingSocial blew up the business of deals -- just ask Travelzoo. Now people are trying to figure out how to put it back together.

Cyber Monday Deals Offered by Hotels, Cruise Lines, Destinations and Booking Sites

There are probably more travel companies participating in some way in Cyber Monday discounting than those that are abstaining. Airlines will be just coming off their busiest weekend of the year, and will get in on the act, as well.

Hotels Get In On Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

If their rooms were full and occupied, then hotels wouldn't be participating in these Cyber Week deals. Where there is need, there is a deal.

Starwood Launches the Weirdest Hotel Flash Sales on the Internet

Starwood's new hotel flash sales site has little flash, and it is a bad move to jump through hoops about your exclusive sales when in reality you can find the same hotel deals all over the Internet. Bad move.

When Super-Cheap Airfare Deals Make Sense for Airlines

There's obviously a science to these tactical airfare sales, and it's better to fill seats on the cheap than to see them go empty.

In Lieu of Closing Shop, Desert Hotels Slash Rates by 70 Percent Each Summer

Desert resorts that once closed for the summer are now filling rooms with budget-conscious travelers, locals on stay-cations, and businesses willing to bear the heat for relatively cheap high-end facilities.

Travelzoo notches sluggish growth, pins hopes on hotels

There were no great signs of a turnaround in Travelzoo's first quarter results. It is hoping that getting into hotel booking and taking advantage of its subscriber base will provide the basis of an answer, but the company is getting into an already very-crowded field.

Cyprus crisis means deals for sun-seeking European tourists

The British slowed their visits to Cyprus before the financial crisis; for them it was as much about not wanting to bend to the tastes of the new Russian travelers than it was vacationing in a destination hit hard by the euro crisis.

Queensland resort will cut 20% off the bill if rain ruins your vacation

There's a bit of a carnival barker's promise here -- you know something's loaded against you -- but it's still a cheap way of promoting the benefits of your less-than-rainy destination to places with much bleaker weather.