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Ryanair Is Inviting Passengers to Complain Via App

It's one thing to invite annoyed customers to share their grievances. More important is what Ryanair does to address those complaints.

6 months ago

Hyatt Tests Facebook Messenger as a Customer Service Channel

Hyatt is an early adopter of a new form of customer service for hotels: using Facebook Messenger to connect with guests, because in today's world, the key to being relevant is engaging with consumers on the platforms they are using.

11 months ago

KLM’s In-House Expert on the Benefits of Social Media Customer Service

Yes, KLM is on a league of its own by being able to leverage all the social care interactions into offers and purchases, but it's still working hard to integrate all its reservation systems, customer database, and social media interactions.

1 year ago

Airbnb Uses How-To Videos to Connect With Asia-Pacific Travelers and Hosts

How-to videos inform and build brand awareness. If executed well, viewers will be moved to share them, which adds value by generating earned media.

1 year ago

United’s Image Takes Another Hit as Stranded Passengers Stay in Military Barracks

Airline consultant Jay Sorensen of IdeaWorksCompany is no airline basher. When he says United's latest customer service blunder suggests a paucity of "human culture," then you know the depths of the customer service issues at the airline.

1 year ago

KLM Brings 24/7 Facebook Customer Service to the U.S.

Travel brands need to reassess their social care effort to see if there's enough attention being paid to customers on Facebook.

1 year ago

United Airlines Puts Its Top Lawyer in Charge of Customer Service

Will United answer customer service complaints with gag orders? We wouldn't put it past them.

2 years ago

Travel Habits of Americans: Social Media Is the Least Popular Method of Customer Service

We are still in the very early days for social media as a customer service tool. The supposedly old-school tools in digital age -- the phone and the human -- both still matter a lot.

2 years ago

The Next Phase of Hotel and Airline Customer Service on Social Media

Collaboration and advocacy efforts helps employees alleviate inefficiencies in handling inquiries -- as well as stay human on social.

2 years ago

New Trends Report: Social Media Customer Service Strategies in the Travel Industry

Social media has evolved to become another platform to provide customer service, but it needs to be well understood before brands dive in and start tweeting. Here's what they need to know.

2 years ago

Spanish Airports Are Testing Travelers to See if They’re Happy

It's a simple way to gauge how your customers are feeling, but it needs more insight into why they are feeling this way.

2 years ago

2,000 Flyers Riot in Chinese Airport After 5-Hour Long Shutdown

Air travel demand is growing faster than the airlines can accommodate due to the military's control of the skies. Commercial airlines will need more air space or fewer flights and better customer service to avoid future outbursts.

3 years ago