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Travel Brands and Bloggers Roll Out Their Annual Passports with Purpose Fundraiser

Passports with Purpose and its sponsors can leverage a worldwide network of travel suppliers who want to make a positive impact while also getting a shot at a good trip.

3 years ago

Six millennial-friendly travel startups rework online reviews and tackle NYC

4 years ago

Can the hotel industry take youth off the streets and put money in their pockets? Hilton thinks so

For Hilton's efforts to have any long-term effect it will need to create paths to success that go beyond low-paying, entry-level work, which means it will need to stand up to hotel owners who want labor for less.

4 years ago

Whole World Water launches campaign to unite tourism industry in the fight for clean water

Whole World Water's goals are ambitious, but they are off to a running start with some very public figures and well-known hotels already signed on to help.

4 years ago

TripAdvisor partners with microloan site Kiva to fund foreign projects that travelers choose

Granted it’s a great PR boost for TripAdvisor, but wouldn’t it be nice if the initiative did mark the start of a movement to change tourists’ relationship with the places they visit?

4 years ago

Passports with Purpose turns travel bloggers into fundraisers

This is a win-win for the travel blogging world that gives brands a boost, bloggers an altruistic image, and helps build up communities that may not be tied to a Twitter feed.

4 years ago

British Airways’ aircraft grows a ‘stache to support prostate cancer charity

There’s more to the mustache than usual aircraft livery design and BA hopes its ingenious touch will prompt fliers to donate to a cause that affected the airline’s own former CEO.

4 years ago

Charity challenges: Philanthropic travel or free holidays?

Beyond proper training and staying committed to your fundraising target, be sure to research the quality of trip operators so as not to harm local communities while trying to do good for humanity.

4 years ago