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How online bus ticketing took of in India

Sama's success targeting and then re-inventing a popular yet under-developed sector of the travel industry is another reminder that opportunities abound.


Delta opens up and gives some of its good economy seats to Travelport

Airlines have been keeping economy plus seats to themselves to sell directly to consumers. This move by Delta may signal that it needs additional help unloading the inventory.

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PR: Developers take advantage of Sabre’s resources to develop new apps

Both consumer- and agent-facing apps that integrate with Sabre's systems will allow customers and sellers to learn a language, rebook a better seat, or make changes on the fly.


Singapore picked by Air France as its SE Asian hub

More western travel brands are turning to SE Asia for growth while western Europe and other traditional destinations are on the down swing.

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How smart branding makes sense in travel search

SEO-friendly website names get customers by accident while strong branding through social media can helps build repeat customers.

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OTA figures out how to use Google+ to build an audience

Many brands are struggling to find a reason to stick with Google+, but's success points towards ways a global competitor can reach a cross-section of users/customers.


China responds to India’s travel warning about China by warning its own citizens about India

China's recommendation is so broad as to be comical, suggesting Chinese travelers steer clear of Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai, among other places.


Upstart SE Asian airline Scoot sees less weight, more profit with iPad entertainment

Not a bad idea at all: The airline can skip the expensive wiring and weighty systems that bring in-flight entertainment to life and offer flyers an attractive alternative that also earns the line money.


Chinese town adds a carbon copy of a UNESCO-designated Austrian hamlet

The growing wealth of the Chinese coincides with a tremendous curiosity about the world outside of China. In this case, one developer brings an Austrian village to a sub-tropical Chinese town in a case of copying that makes Disney's imagineers look like lightweights.


Tech entrepreneurs and men of wealth look to floating cities for future development

Peter Thiel and others demonstrate yet another downside of taking Ayn Rand seriously by proposing utopian city-states at sea that obviously won't have any of the problems of existing communities at all.


A historic tour of the Neapolitan coast via a Turkish gulet ship

Alongside the mega-ships that spill thousands of visitors into ports are smaller-scale cruise options that give visitors a more intimate experience of destinations.