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NYC Plaza Hotel sells for $570 million to India’s Sahara Group

Sahara will be the sixth owner of the historic hotel, which has passed through both US and foreign hand since 1943. Guests won’t notice any changes in service as Fairmont Hotels continues its 13-year management.


India’s Sahara Group: the new biggie in global hospitality

Beyond buying these flashy, trophy property, remains to be seen if Sahara doesn't flame out, which it does have a tendency to in various sectors it operates in.


HomeAway’s hometown is the latest city trying to manage short-term rentals

Many cities in the U.S. are looking for the best way to deal with the web-driven boom in short-term rentals and its negative impact on neighborhoods and local quality of life.


The transformation of hotels from places to sleep to opportunities to shop

Buying local art and unique furniture you see in your hotel room is the logical culmination of a trend that began with hotel companies like Starwood marketing their linen and bedding offerings and smaller boutiques selling custom toiletries.


Dubai International Airport sees 14% jump in traffic in the first half of 2012

Over the past decade Dubai has risen from an airport few could place on a map to one that most long-haulers get excited about transiting through. Expect it to grow even more as its main competitors have maxed out their real estate options.


SkiftUX: Samsung Galaxy used at London Olympics for hotel check-in & room control

Too bad it was only for 40 rooms, a smart promotion for the official handset of Olympics. At some point, it won't be handset tied, just an app across any platform.


Starwood invests in its most profitable Starwood Preferred Guests

Starwood will wisely continue to pour money into Starwood Preferred Guests and its most loyal members because they are driving profits. Too bad online travel agencies don't actually operate hotels -- they'd then have better luck at discovering the loyalty gene.


Hotel prices to rise this fall, following airfares: TripAdvisor survey

It is a survey of intent, and could change depending on macro conditions. But in all, cost of travel is going up in U.S., unless you're on your way to Greece.


How Expedia is reinventing hotel booking — and upsetting the industry

From outward appearance, Expedia's new Traveler Preference program introduces more choice and appears to be a great thing for hotel guests.


The 24-year-old that’s going to ruin a hotel key card company’s week

Since one company is behind all the potentially hackable locks, finding a solution and implementing it shouldn't be a nightmare for anyone but them.